Bip Meaning in Jazz 2024 | Price, Details & Unsubscribe Code

Bip Meaning in Jazz – It is a Jazz missed call service, that charges Rs 0.09+Tax/Beep for on & off-net calls. Bip is also known as Jazz Beep Call service.

Often we face low balance (zero balance) conditions while using prepaid SIM. In such a situation when we want to make calls, but our Jazz SIM balance is finish. Then we can take help from the Jazz bip (beep) service.

Jazz Beep Call (bip call) is a source of connection between on-network and off-network numbers while having zero balance in the prepaid SIM of Jazz 4G. Full details about Jazz bip (beep) service are present here in easy words, let’s take a look at the description:

Bip Meaning in Jazz

Generate missed calls to all on-network and off-network numbers in the situation of zero balance via bip (Jazz Beep Service) at a fixed price of Rs 0.09+Tax/Beep.

To activate Jazz Bip Service (beep) please send ‘SUB’ to 5188 and activate it on your Jazz Warid prepaid SIM at a fixed price per beep (missed call).

  • Send ‘SUB’ to 5188

How To Generate Beep Call (Bip)

Suppose you don’t have enough balance to start a new call. And you urgently want to make a call or to generate a miss call so that receiver will call you back. In that case, your number must have a beep call service. Activate bip service via messaging to SUB to 5188 and enjoy.

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Unsubscribe Beep Call (Bip)

In addition, it is very easy to deactivate the Jazz beep call service. Send ‘UNSUB’ to 5188 and unsubscribe Jazz Beep Call service permanently. Hence, Bip service deactivation is very easy that only requires an SMS for deactivation.

  • Send ‘UNSUB’ to 5188
Conditions Apply

These conditions apply after the subscription of Jazz Beep Call (Jazz Bip Service) in 2024.

  • Generate 10 beeps (10 missed calls) per day
  • Each beep (miss call) will deduct Rs 0.09+Tax
  • Moreover, No subscription charges will apply on SMS to ‘SUB’ to 5188
  • Bip (beep call) will be deactivated via SMS method without any charges
  • You can generate a missed call (beep call) to both prepaid and postpaid numbers