Jazz Lystn 2024 Price, Details & Unsubscribe Code

What is Jazz Lystn Service?  Jazz Lystn Unsubscribe code, Activation code, and daily, weekly, and monthly charges are given here. Take a look at all-in-one details at the top telecom portal of Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the Jazz 4G is the only network that provides a wide number of services at a cheap price. Same as the “Jazz Lystn” is one among those thousands of services. Basically, it is a Premium Podcast Service that provides 30,000 +podcasts at a low rate. See the price, subscription, unsub code, and service full overview from this page.

This service provides news, sports, comedy, music, and other 30,000 +podcasts services at a reasonable price. Let’s take a look at the deep details of this service and after that, we will discuss the activation & removal code of this service.

What is Jazz Lystn Service?

Enjoy 30,000 +podcasts including education-related (science, history, fiction) at 1 Service. In addition to extreme fun, it provides TV, Radio, Videos, Business, Health & Fitness, and many more in all-in-one service.

This is a premium podcast service and its availability (subscription) charges a fixed amount on daily, weekly and monthly charges. Short details about Jazz Lystn subscription and deactivation are described below.

How To Activate Lystn?

You just need to download and install its app on your device. Once it is successfully installed, the user will receive an option about (a 1-day, 7-days, or 30-days) subscription of this extra service. Just click on the validity according to your need and done! Following service & app will automatically start working on your number.

Online Subscribe/Login (OTP)

You can also subscribe or login into Lystn by the official page (demo given below). Just provide your phone number and click on Subscribe/Login and receive OTP to successfully get login/subscribe to this service.

OTP details
Charges (Price) of Service

This service charge a reasonable price from the user’s prepaid SIM. Here, the summary of its different validity charges is present:

Daily Charges:Rs 5+tax
Weekly Charges:Rs 25+tax
Monthly Charges:Rs 80+tax

Jazz lystn will charge a huge amount according to a given pattern. That’s why always think twice before this service activation. Or in the second case, if you want to get rid of this service, then see the given deactivation method.

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Jazz Lystn Unsubscribe Code

You can only deactivate lystn (podcast service) from your prepaid 4G SIM by using the given SMS format method:

  • Type a new SMS
  • Write UNSUB
  • Send it to 7011
  • Jazz Lystn is unsubscribed

This is the only method available to unsub Jazz Lystn service. You can easily create an unsub SMS and send it to the official deactivation code 7011 to get rid of this service forever.

Apna4G Result

Lystn service is best for those prepaid users who want to have fun in their free time. Because of the following service 30,000 +podcasts, it is a bundle of happiness. Hence, spend free time with 100% fun and in case of low balance please deactivate this service via the SMS unsub method.

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