Jazz Mosafir Unsubscribe Code 2024 ( 100% Working )

Jazz Mosafir Service with its prepaid + postpaid charges, subscribe, unsubscribe code and other basic details of this service are given below.

1st time in the history of Pakistan the Jazz 4G launched a service that helps us while traveling. Do you know that Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world? That’s why; people love to travel to the cities of Pakistan.

While traveling in Pakistan we need to stay in hotels to take rest and to keep our luggage safe. That’s why; Jazz has launched the Jazz Mosafir service or also known as the Jazz Musafir service.

Jazz Mosafir Service Details

Are you a Hodophile (One who loves to travel) and want the best services while traveling? If Yes! Then here we have a perfect service for you. Basically, Jazz has launched Mosafir Service which is available for prepaid and postpaid SIM cards.

Jazz Mosafir Service provides Freemium & Premium services and you can choose 1 service from these 2 options according to your traveling level. On the other hand, the subscription charges and different codes of this service are given below.

  • Works as Personal Travel Assistant
  • Hotel and Ticket Booking Feature
  • Online Tour Booking in Pakistan
  • Traveling Pictures with Details
  • Provide Discounted Rates
  • Rent a Car Anywhere

Service Charges (Price)

Jazz Mosafir service is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers. Service is the same for both types of users, however, the basic difference is the deduction of the fee. Jazz Prepaid SIM charges on daily basis, on the other and, and Jazz Postpaid SIM Charges on a monthly basis.

  • Prepaid Charges (Rs 4.1+tax/day)
  • Postpaid Charges (Rs 20+tax/month)

Jazz Mosafir Features

Features of Jazz Musafir Service are described here according to its 2 different categories. Its 1st category (Freemium) provides basic features. On the other hand, the 2nd category (Premium) provides maximum traveling features at a low subscription price.

Musafir info
Jazz Musafir Freemium Features:
  1. Book your favorite hotel at your desired rent before you arrive at your destination place.
  2. Book your favorite airline to travel nationwide as well as on an international level online via Jazz Musafir.
  3. Jazz Musafir Freemium Feature also allows its subscriber to book tours and flats according to the desired rate.
  4. Using Mosafir service you can discover Pakistan because this feature comes with an Advisory service as well.
  5. By using Jazz Mosafir you can access non-exclusive deals and offers for airline ticketing to travel nationwide as well as on an international level.
  6. The following service also provides the current status of your purchased tickets by using the official Jazz Mosafir APP, Web, USSD & IVR respectively.
  7. This service also reminds the booker by sending an alert SMS to the number that was using Jazz Mosafir service for Flight and Hotel booking.
Jazz Musafir Premium Features:
  1. Jazz Musafir Premium features give you free hand to access deals/offers/discounts for Airline Ticketing/Hotels/Tour Packages and many more simultaneously.
  2. It tracks your location and makes you stay alert by sending the current status of daily/weekly/new alerts for enticements, news, alerts, road blockage, weather alerts, and many more while traveling.
  3. Are you traveling on the motorway? It will track you and send you an emergency alert (SMS) in case of Motorway blockage or fog.
  4. Have you booked airline tickets via the Jazz Musafir Premium feature? Stay calm because it will send you a reminder SMS to make you stay alert about airline tickets that you have recently booked.
  5. This feature also provides you access to check the current status of your tickets via Mosafir APP, Web, USSD & IVR.
  6. Another feature that is new and only added in Jazz Musafir Premium Service is “access to virtual tour guides via Call center” 24/7 with 1 click.

Download the App (Android & iOS)

Whether you are using an Android mobile or iPhone (iOS) operating system, you can download the Jazz Mosafir app from the play store. Hence, download this app, and travel with the fastest telecom network in Pakistan.

On the other hand, this app works the same as the Jazz world App. You can access all the features of this app by clicking on the different blocks present on the app. It also provides the option “Special Offers” to get special discounts on different hotels and flights.

How To Unsubscribe Jazz Mosafir Service?

Officially there is only 1 method to get rid of this service. Yes! Jazz Mosafir Service Un-subscription is possible via the “Jazz Menu” feature. Here I have described the step-by-step trick to unsubscribe from Jazz Musafir:

  • Send ‘Unsub’ to 6611
  • Now you can unsubscribe from any activated offer
  • From the appeared list select “Jazz Mosafir Service”
  • Now unsubscribe from “Jazz Mosafir Service” by clicking the unsubscribe
  • Done! You have successfully deactivated the Musafir service and it is removed

Note: You can also send unsub to 7237 to Unsubscribe Jazz Mosafir Service.

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Apna4G Conclusion

You can also use the Jazz Mosafir App to deactivate this service from your number, however it is a second attempt if you failed by Sending ‘Unsub’ to 6611 (but this SMS trick always works) on prepaid and postpaid Jazz SIM cards. Hence, this article covers full details about Jazz Mosafir Service, its features, and the un-subscription method.