Jazz Free Internet Code 2024 – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Due to the arrival of New Year 2024, Jazz has launched Jazz Free Internet Code for prepaid customers. Get free internet on Jazz this New Year via these methods.

Jazz Free Internet Code 2024 – Mobilink has introduced 6+ free codes to avail free internet having different amounts of incentives for various validity. Here we have posted all those codes especially launched for the people to stay in their homes and enjoy the happiness of New Year 2024.

Here, Mobilink has a strategy to make their SIM users stay connected with the internet these Eid holidays. This network has launched new codes that provide free internet, free Facebook, free Whatsapp, and other free social sites with browsing Mbps for free. As they provide the data absolutely free without any single rupee, people used to stay home and enjoy the internet on all types of 2G/3G/4G devices absolutely free.

Jazz Free Internet Code

Get Free internet this New Year while using Jazz 4G SIM. But remember that the following methods are specially launched for those users who want to get free MBs without any price this New Year 2024.

On the other hand, the famous and one and only fastest and most reliable network of Pakistan Mobilink Jazz has a perfect solution to get entertained in New Year daytime. Now you can stay connected to the internet, it means you are connected to the whole world. Yes! The Internet is the whole world as you make a call or text your friends, relatives, and loved ones through the internet. Video calling is also the best feature all over the internet. As we know, the internet is the only cause which has connected the whole world like a village.

6+ Codes For Free Data

These are the top SIX codes and methods mentioned below in this post. These codes and methods are 250% working, and it causes the SIM user to enjoy the internet non-stop for free, having different validity.

We have arranged our list with very care and all codes not only work but also give free incentives. If you have a Mobilink SIM then try one of the codes or methods mentioned below, and we guarantee that all the codes will definitely work (checked personally) and you will receive free data, call, or SMS without single rupee recharge.

1 – Sim Lagao Offer Free Data

Yes! This is a perfect and 100% working method to get internet, free calls & SMS on those Mobilink SIM cards which are not been used for the last 30 days. If you have a Mobilink SIM which is not active for the last 30 days then go reactivate your off SIM because here you’re going to get lots of gifts from the company.


On reactivation of SIM after 30 days the user will receive 50 Jazz 2 Jazz Minutes daily, 3000 SMS, and 6000 Mbps of the internet for a complete 1 month (30 Days). 3000 Mbps will be valid on WhatsApp for 30 days. Hence, enjoy FREE INTERNET FOR 30 DAYS.

On the other hand, if you recharge after reactivating your SIM and use PKR 15 the company will reward you more with an extra 50 Jazz Minutes, and not only this you will get 50 SMS + 50 Mbps (except 9 PM-1 AM) of the fastest 4G internet of Pakistan. These extra incentives will be valid for 1 day on the day of recharge and usage of recharge.

Reactive:30 Days Off SIM
Data:6 GB
(3 GB WhatsApp)
Data:50 Mbps
(Every day)
SMS:50 (Every day)
Minutes: 50 (Every day)50 (Every day)
Validity:60 Days

Hence, reactive your SIM and enjoy for 60 days calls, SMS, and data-free on daily basis.

2 – New Sale Offer (Free Data)

The second confirms and working method to receive free 1 GB data (No time window), 1000 Jazz to Jazz minutes, and 1000 SMS for 7 days is a new one and this is a 200% genuine offer.

Offer Name:Bonus On Recharge
Data: 2GBMinutes: 1000
SMS: 1000SUB: *191#
Validity: 7 DaysStatus: *990*2#

This offer is usually known as the “Bonus On Recharge” offer. Activate this offer by dialing *191# and receive a free bonus of 1000 On-Net Minutes, 1000 SMS, and 2000 Mbps on the first recharge. After the first recharge, customers will receive 2GB of data on every recharge of PKR 50 or more.

3 – Nestle & Jazz Gift Free 300 GBs

The third method to receive free fastest 4G internet Mbps on Mobilink is the new offer of Nestle & Jazz. Yes! Both of these companies co-operate with each other to increase their sale.

See: Jazz Work From Home Bundle

Now buy a Nestle Fruita Vitals pack and scratch the code hidden behind the pack. Dial that code with your Jazz SIM and you will be rewarded with various Mbps quotas distributed on all packs. These packs contain different amounts of Mbps having different validity. Here are the complete details of the data and validity below.

  • Buy a Nestle Fruita Vitals pack.
  • Scratch the code behind the pack.
  • Dial the code with *145*12-code# (dial the digits found on the pack in the code area).
  • One code will be valid for one time only.
  • If you dial more than one code at a time, the amount of Mbps will be added to your account.
  • This offer is valid for Mobilink prepaid customers only.
  • Offer details are mentioned in the table.
Offer Name:Nestle & Jazz Gift
Data:Various Mbps
Validity:Various Days
Availability:Prepaid Only

These are Validity & Free Mbps amount details:

Free MbpsValidity
50 Mbps1 Day
100 Mbps1 Day
500 Mbps1 Day
1000 Mbps (1 GB)2 Days
300,000 Mbps (300 GB)365 Days
(1 Year)

4 – Jazz World App Free MBs

Like all other tricks, this is also a 100% genuine and working trick on all prepaid Jazz SIM cards. You can get free internet Mbps on daily basis with legal and most authentic methods of the year. Here I tell you how:

  • Open the play store of your Smartphone.
  • Search “Jazz World App”.
  • Download the first app that appeared by Mobilink on the top of the panel.
  • After the app download is complete, install the app on your Smartphone.
  • Open the app and put your SIM card number & Done!
  • You will receive a 500 Mbps free welcome bonus.

Now the question arrived that how to get a free bonus every day, here is the method:

  • Open your “Jazz World App”.
  • Click on the tab “Daily Reward”.
  • Now select your day of gift & click on confirm.

After that, you will receive every day free Mbps of different amounts. Here we have mentioned the complete details of 7 days of free Mbps in the table.

DaysGift Mbps
1st Day25 Mbps
2nd Day50 Mbps
3rd Day100 Mbps
4th Day120 Mbps
5th Day150 Mbps
6th Day175 Mbps
7th Day200 Mbps

This app gives you 820 Mbps in ascending order for 7 days without any stop or charging a single rupee. And after 7 days, your daily rewards will start from a new beginning. Isn’t it the best relief by Mobilink for its customers? Yes! Absolutely, it is the most authentic method of getting free internet without dialing fake codes or by any illegal methods. Hence, we suggest our dear visitor install this app to get free Mbps daily and also to manage your SIM account easily.

5 – Veon App For Jazz Free Internet Code

Download the Veon app from the play store and enjoy free 100 Mbps. Here I tell you the complete method.

  • Open play store and search for “Veon App”.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Then enter your JAZZ SIM number and verify.
  • Then fill the required fields as they ask.
  • After completion of the whole setup, you will receive free 100 Mbps.
  • Enjoy the free data!
App Name:Veon
Free Data:100 Mbps
Validity:1 Day
App On:Play store

6 – Jazz New SIM Offer

Have you got a new Mobilink SIM? Get ready to enjoy free incentives as they are giving them away to their users. You will receive free SMS, Mbps, and call minutes. Here is the complete step-by-step guideline is presented below.

  • Buy a new Jazz SIM card.
  • Insert the SIM card and turn on your cell.
  • Now dial *191# with your new SIM for gifts.
  • The network will give you 1000 Mbps (1 GB) free.
  • Free data will be valid for 3 days.
  • Furthermore, if you recharge PKR 50 you will receive 2000 Mbps (2GBs) free.
  • This offer is only for prepaid New SIM customers.
  • To check the status of your free incentives, dial *191*2#.
  • Details are mentioned in Table.
Offer Name:Jazz New
SIM Offer
Data:1000 Mbps
Availability:Prepaid Only
Validity:3 Days
Apna4G Conclusion

Many websites post different fake and illegal codes & fraud with visitors just to increase their views. But Apna4G has always posted the most authentic and legal codes for dear visitors. We assure you with a guarantee that all these Jazz Free Internet Code & Eid Free MBs methods are 100% legal and working. Try it yourself and if they work then don’t ignore to comment on this post visit more pages for more info and packages, thanks.

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