Jazz Late Night Internet Package From 12 AM To 12 PM

Activate Jazz Late Night Internet Package and receive 2GB in PKR 18 from 12 AM (night) To 12 PM (morning) with the Jazz Daily Extreme *757# net package.

The Internet has become a part of our lives, and we can’t live without social media, entertaining websites, and games. Hence, with the 4G speed of Mobilink, all these websites & apps are available at affordable prices for all Pakistani 4G users.

Here we have the latest late-night internet package specially designed just to use 3G/4G internet at nighttime. Everyone stays at their work in the daytime and no one has extra time to use the internet at work but after work at the time of night, all 4G users want to connect internet that’s why Jazz has introduced this night daily bundle.

Jazz Late Night Package

This late-night package is a 3G & 4G supported internet package. Here subscribers will receive 2GB of data for all websites including online video streaming websites, online games & social media.

The price of a one-night data bundle is PKR 15 and there are no hidden charges to activate this bundle on a prepaid SIM card.

Offer Name:Daily Extreme
Validity:12 AM To 12 PM
Price:PKR 18
Recharge Required:PKR 20

Daily 2GB Data

In PKR 18 the subscriber will receive daily 2GB of internet. This internet will work till validity hours whether you use them on any app or for any game, they support everything. Hence, this bundle has made night downloading & uploading easier and more affordable.

3G/4G Supported MBs

Jazz Late Night Internet or Jazz Good Night Offer provides 2,000 MBs supported on both 3G & 4G type devices. Whether you have the latest technology mobile phone or you have a 3G generation device, don’t worry. Just subscribe internet package and start browsing the internet.

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Terms & Conditions
  • The remaining MBs will expire after validity time.
  • No special time is needed to activate this bundle.
  • These MBs work on all 2G/3G/4G SIM cards.
  • You can check to remain MBs on the “Zong App”.
  • Click here for more INFO & FAQs.

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