Jazz Game Club Unsubscribe Code – How To Unsub GPL

Get complete info about the Jazz Game Club Unsubscribe code and its charges. Jazz game offers deactivation codes are present below.

Games are the best source of entertainment, especially for youth, these games have become first priority on mobile phones. That’s why Mobilink Jazz has launched online & offline game services on weekly & monthly charges.

On this page, we have described the Mobilink Game services subscription code, price, and UN-subscribe code. In addition, maximum tricks have been described below to deactivate fun-game service from prepaid Jazz SIM.

Jazz Game Club Unsubscribe

Basically deactivation trick has three variants. You can deactivate this package by using three methods and we have mentioned all of these three tricks with details below.

Follow these steps to unsubscribe from Jazz Game Club Service.

  • Unsubscribe from Gameloft service by sending an SMS “Game STOP” to 6767.
  • Deactivate Jazz Game Club Service by sending “STOP” to 8454.
  • Go to the Jazz Game Club account and click on the “unsubscribe” button.

Jazz Game Club Deactivation

Complete deactivation details are also present above, however, we have set that info in separate boxes to understand it easily.

Service Name:Jazz Game
Club Unsubscribe
Deactivate:Send “STOP”
to 8454
Deactivate:Send “Game STOP”
to 6767

All-in-One Unsub

According to the official website of Jazz, “you can unsubscribe any service from prepaid Jazz number by just sending “unsub” to 6611 for free”. Hence this is an all-in-one Jazz service deactivation code that requires zero balance.

Helpline Deactivation

The best trick to get rid of such types of GPL games & ringtone extra service is to call on the official helpline and ask the agent to deactivate or game services. Hence in just one call, you can get rid of the extra charging service.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The game service portal is free to deactivate.
  • This service charges according to policy.
  • No additional charges apply to the subscriber.
  • All these tricks mentioned above are 100% valid.
  • Please click here for the official website INFO & FaQs.

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