Jazz SMS Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly (Code & Price)

Activate Jazz SMS Packages and get maximum messages for Daily, Weekly and Monthly validity. Latest packages with price and code are present on this page.

Here we have mentioned all SMS bundles for 1, 7 & 30 days. Hence, this is an all-in-one page containing information about all the valid SMS bundles of Jazz. These bundles with their Mbps, On-Off Network minutes, and SMS are arranged according to their price and validity. Take a look at these bundles below.

It’s 2024, and all telecommunication companies have updated their packages. That’s why, for you, we are posting a completely up-to-date list of SMS packages with details. In this list, we have mentioned SMS bundles in three rows according to their validity daily, weekly, and monthly.

Jazz SMS Packages

According to the ascending order (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly), we have given all the SMS (message packages) of Jazz here in this list including their price, code, and basic details.

Remember that all packages that are present here on this page only belong to Jazz prepaid SIM cards. Whether you are a 3G or 4G user, you can activate the bucket from the given list and enjoy the silent conversation between friends.

Jazz Daily SMS Packages

Posting In this list, you will be able to get a look at daily basis bundles. These bundles are arranged for 1-day validity, but the number of (messages) SMS varies from each other package. Hence, bundle prices & incentives vary from other packages.

Jazz SMS Packages Daily

SMS Plus

Now get 150 SMS for 1 day for just 2.38 rupees. Users just have to dial *106*1# to avail of this exciting offer. You can also unsubscribe from this package by dialing *106*4# from the mobile dial pad.

Package Name:      SMS Plus
Sub Code:*106*1#
Un-Sub Code:*106*4#

Daily Bundle

For the daily SMS package, here we have another perfect selection. Dial *101*1*01# to get 1200 SMS in PKR 4.77 only.

Package Name:      Jazz Daily Bundle
Sub Code:*101*1*01#
Unsub Code:*101*4*01#

Daily SMS + WhatsApp

One day complete, enjoy 1800 SMS & 10 Mbps WhatsApp in just 8 rupees. The subscription code of this package is *334# and after dialing this code you will automatically subscribe to this bundle.

Package Name:      SMS + WhatsApp
WhatsApp:10 Mbps
Price:Rs 8
Sub Code:*334#

Note: Dial *334*4# and deactivate this offer.

Super F&F Offer

You can now add 1 number to your F&F list and can enjoy unlimited on-net jazz to jazz minutes, and unlimited SMS for 1 number for just Rs. 10. Dial subscription code *141*Number# in just PKR 10 only.

Package Name:      Jazz Super
F&F Offer
SMS:Unlimited for
1 Number
Minutes:Unlimited for
1 Number
Price:Rs 10
Sub Code:*141*Number#

Apna Sheher Offer

Do you need Mbps, minutes & SMS for 1 day? This offer is made for you. Dial *229# and get 100 Mbps, Unlimited jazz to jazz minutes & 1500 SMS. This offer is available for just Rs 11.94. You can check the offer status with *229*2# for free.

Package Name:      Apna Sheher Offer
Sub Code:*229#

Daily Day Bundle

Jazz is giving away a complete bundle of all services on a daily basis for rupees 14. Dial *340# and you can use 300 minutes, 300 SMS, and 20 Mbps for 10 rupees. This offer is very cheap.

Package Name:      Daily Day Bundle
Validity:1 Day
Sub Code:*340#

Jazz (7 Days) SMS Packages

Here we have weekly SMS package’s complete up-to-date list. With subscription code, validity, price, and other details related to the package.

Jazz SMS Packages Weekly

SMS Weekly Bundle

From subscription code to charges, all details of this package are written below. Get 1500 SMS and 25 WhatsApp Mbps in 26 rupees including all taxes. The subscription code of this package is *101*1*07# for 7 days.

Package Name:      Jazz SMS
Weekly Bundle
WhatsApp:25 MBs
Sub Code:*101*1*07#

Haftawar Offer

For your complete 7 days. This offer is perfect in all aspects. Get 1000 SMS with 1000 Mbps, 1000 Jazz minutes, and 30 other network minutes. The charges for this offer are Rs 140. Dial *407# to avail of this offer for a week.

Package Name:      Haftawar Offer
Jazz Minutes:1000
Price:Rs 140
Validity:7 Days
Sub Code:*407#

Weekly All Network

Charges for all SIM packages increased with the start of the New Year. That’s why; Jazz is the first choice of all mobile phone users. Here we have another weekly SMS package. Dial *700# and activate this wonderful gift having 3000 Mbps, 1000 On-Net Minutes, 60 Off-Net Minutes, and 1000 SMS. All this stuff is just Rs 191 only. Here we have complete details below.

Package Name:      Jazz Weekly
All Network
On-Net Minutes:1000
Off-Net Minutes:60
Price:PKR 191
Sub Code:*700#

Weekly Super Duper

Another charming weekly offer by jazz is defined here. Do you need maximum bits and pieces at cheap prices? Yes! Then dial *770# code with jazz to get 1500 SMS to all networks, 1500 jazz to jazz minutes, 60 Off-Net Minutes & 6 GB (3 GB 2 AM – 2 PM) DATA. All these things are available in PKR 274 only.

Package Name:      Super Duper
On-Net Minutes:1500
Off-Net Minutes:60
Price:Rs 274
Sub Code:*770#

Haftawar All Rounder

As the name of the offer is “All-Rounder” this offer is really an all-rounder in the matter of Mbps, Minutes, SMS, and off-net minutes. Jazz is giving away 1000 SMS, 1000 On-Net Minutes, 50 Off-Net Minutes, and 1000 Mbps (1GB) at the price of 120 rupees. Dial *747# to subscribe to the bucket.

Package Name:      Haftawar All
Rounder Offer
On-Net Minutes:1000
Off-Net Minutes:50
Price:Rs 120
Sub Code:*747#

All Net Weekly

Jazz users now can call on other networks with the All Network offer. Get 1000 SMS, 1000 On-Net Minutes, 60 Off-Net Minutes, and 3000 Mbps (3GB) at 191 price only. Dial *700# and avail of this offer.

Package Name:      Weekly All
Network Offer
On-Net Minutes:1000
Off-Net Minutes:60
Price:Rs 191
Sub Code:*700#

Mega Super Duper

Those who want to subscribe to a weekly SMS bundle. You should dial*505# for 12GB, 80 Off-Net Minutes, 5000 On-Net Mints & 5000 SMS in Rs 282.

Package Name:      Mega Super
Duper Weekly
On-Net Minutes:5000
Off-Net Minutes:80
Price:PKR 282
Sub Code:*505#

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

In this portion, Jazz Monthly SMS details are updated here. Now you can get the most accurate detail with the exact price rate and validity info. Apna4G has completed this for Jazz users who often look worried about package info & codes. That’s why; we have solved their problem on this blog.

Jazz SMS Packages Monthly

Monthly Social

This is a package having 7000 WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, BIP, and Snapchat Mbps & 12000 SMS only in rupees 148. This offer is valid for 1 month. The subscription code of the Monthly WhatsApp, IMO & SMS Bundle is *661# for 30 days.

Package Name:      Monthly Social
Price:Rs 148
Sub Code:*661#

Note: Use Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO & BiP via MBs.

Monthly Hybrid Bundle

Those Jazz users who want to enjoy the maximum number of incentives can subscribe to this offer. With this offer, they will enjoy 3000 SMS, 6000 Mbps, 3000 On-Net Minutes, and 150 Off-Net Minutes valid for a month. This offer is available for rupees 695.  The subscription code of the Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle is *430# and details are mentioned below.

Package Name:      Jazz Monthly
Hybrid Bundle
On-Net Minutes:3000
Off-Net Minutes:150
Price:Rs 695
Sub Code:*430#

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Super Duper Monthly

In the Super package, we have a lot of stuff to show. Here, first we talk about allotted SMS details. In this package, the company will give you 3000 SMS. And for internet lovers, 12,000 MBs (12GB) are present. While talking about On-Net Minutes, we have 3000 minutes and 300 Off-Net Minutes. The price of the whole thing is Rs 780 which is affordable for such a marvelous package. Here, you have to dial *706# to subscribe offer.

Package Name:      Jazz Super
Duper Monthly
On-Net Minutes:3000
Off-Net Minutes:300
Price:Rs 780
Sub Code:*706#

Monthly Super Duper Plus

Complete 30 days package having all assets which a common user requires. After subscribing, users will get 5000 On-Net Minutes & same SMS, 300 Off-Net Minutes, and 17GB Mbps. The price of the package is Rs 1000 and the subscription code is *707# which is valid for 30 days.

Package Name:      Jazz Monthly
Plus Offer
On-Net Minutes:5000
Off-Net Minutes:300
Mbps:17 GB
Price:Rs 1000
Sub Code:*707#

Super Duper Card

Each telecommunication company in Pakistan has introduced a new super card policy package. Here Jazz has also great & all facilities providing a Jazz Super Duper Card scheme. You will receive 2000 SMS, 2000 On-Net Minutes, 150 Off-Net Minutes & 2000 Mbps for just Rs. 600. This package is valid for a month (30 days).

Package Name:      Jazz Super
Duper Card
On-Net Minutes:2000
Off-Net Minutes:150
Price:PKR 600
Sub Code:*601#

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Apna4G Final Words

These Jazz SMS Packages are arranged according to the 2024 latest updated list. All offer validity, type & incentives with price have been mentioned above. Click here for more INFO & FAQs.

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