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Jazz Weekly Super Plus Offer 2023 Subscribe & Check Code

Get 10GB (10000 MBs) for 3G/4G devices via Jazz Weekly Super Plus Offer. In addition, this offer provides 5000 Jazz Minutes, 5000 SMS and 100 Other Network Minutes. A special discount is now available for the subscribers just because of Jazz publicity.

Do you want to get 10GB of data for 7 days at an affordable price? Surely your reply will be yes! Then here we have the best weekly bundle that provides the fastest Jazz internet at low rates.

Getting internet access is very difficult these days. This is all because of the implementation of high taxes on the internet. But Jazz 4G has always come with user’s friendly bundles. Here we have a new 7 days data package that is now available for Jazz SIM users. Let’s take a brief look at bundle incentives, codes & prices.

Jazz Weekly Super Plus Offer

With the implementation of a special discount/sale, the price of Jazz Weekly Plus has been reduced by 20% respectively. Now you can activate the Jazz Weekly Plus Internet Package for Rs 304. In addition, the network also provides special timing for half the data.

Here the usage of all incenitves is 24 hours, non-stop whether you make calls, send SMS or use internet through New Jazz Weekly Super Plus Internet Package launched in 2023.

10GB Offer Code

To activate this bundle dial *505# and get the marvelous chance to use a huge amount of 10,000 MBs in Rs 330 only. Here are the complete details with step by step guide:


Offer Name:Jazz Weekly Super Plus
Jazz Minutes:5000
Other Minutes:100
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 330
Subscribe Code:*505#

Note: You need to load 380 rupees.

Unique Timing

Here the main focus point that attracts all subscribers to “Weekly Plus” is its special timing. This unique timing has made this bundle so famous that 3G & 4G users tend to activate it. Bundle activation is easy and you can use both code & app methods to activate this bucket.

10GB in 330 Rupees

It looks like a dream to avail such a huge amount of internet MBs for a whole week in 330. But you have to believe this fact because thousand of Jazz 3G & 4G users are using social media and have internet access with a 330 rupees bundle. Here is the complete detail of the Jazz Weekly Hybrid Offer with price & code.

Terms & Conditions
  • The jazz sale bundle is weekly
  • It charges 330 on the activation
  • Bundle MBs work according to timing
  • The following bundle is not auto-recursive
  • Get full details about sale offers from FAQs

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