Jazz 25GB Weekly Internet Package | Code & Details

Activate Jazz 25GB Weekly Internet Package and enjoy 3G/4G fastest data with weekly mega plus & extreme bucket in Rs 85 & Rs 275 including taxes. Here we have given the subscription code with the price of both bundles.

Do you want to activate the Jazz 25GB Weekly Package? Then remember that the Jazz 4G network is giving away two buckets that provide 25GB of internet for 7 days. The first package is “Jazz Weekly Mega Plus” and the second bundle is the “Jazz Weekly Extreme” offer.

Let’s take a look at every 25GB (25000 MBs) bucket separately. Both offers are clearly described below with their activation code, check code, and subscription price.

Jazz 25GB Weekly Internet

All of us know that internet packages are always expensive to subscribe to. However, the trend of expensive internet bundles has not affected Jazz at all. This is the main reason Jazz is the only telecom network in our country that is still providing data packages at their old rates.

Providing all internet packages at their old rates with the fastest 3G/4G speed and wide network coverage has provided a great edge to Jazz. This is the main reason now Jazz 4G has become 1st network to achieve a peak number of SIM subscribers. These are the two internet packages that provide 25GB for 7 days with their activation price:

Weekly Mega Plus (25GB)Rs 275
Weekly Extreme Offer (25GB)Rs 85

Weekly Mega Plus 25GB

1st bundle of our today discussion is the Jazz Weekly Mega Plus bucket. Having the ability to provide MBs for both 3G & 4G SIM users this offer has been divided into two parts. The following bucket has total data of 25GB in which usage criteria is 15GB + 10GB.

This means that the user will receive 15GB for a whole week to use without any time schedule. On the other hand, the subscriber can only use 10GB from 2 AM to 2 PM weekly.

Offer Name:Mega Plus
15GB Time:24 Hours
10GB Time:2 AM to 2 PM
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 275
Check Code:*453*2#

Weekly Extreme Offer 25GB

2nd and last bundle of the day that also comes with 25,000 MBs for 3G/4G subscribers are Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer. Here 25GB of internet comes with fixed timing of 12 AM to 12 PM. Let’s take a look at its price and codes below:

Offer Name:Weekly Extreme
MBs Timing:12 AM to 12 PM
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 85
Check Code:*117*1*2#
Check Remaining MBs

Now the question arises that how you can check MBs. First of all dial *2# code after the subscription code of the bundle to check its remaining data. Those users who failed to check incentives via code can download and install the “Jazz World App” to check the remaining MBs. Do you know about the latest Jazz Weekly Plus Sale 190? Get full info about this 10GB data bundle.

Terms & Conditions
  • You can use 25GB for 7 days
  • Given data works on 2G/3G/4G
  • 25GB bundles have fixed timing
  • Subscription through code is valid
  • Federal territory areas charge additionally
  • Get more details and info about bundles from here

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