Jazz Weekly X Package Details 2024

Jazz Weekly X Package is an all-rounder prepaid package. This package comes with plain + social internet, messages, on-network minutes and other network minutes in Rs 504. Full details of this package are present in this article.

First time in the history of telecom industry any prepaid package launch with Handset Insurance. Yes! You heard right. Now, many users will not know this feature. We will discuss ‘Handset Insurance’ here below after discussing resources (SMS, Minutes, Data) Price, Code and other basic details of this package.

It is an old routine of Jazz network to launch packages in validity of 7 days and 30 days. That’s why, the network has introduce X Package in two types. You have got Weekly and Monthly validity here in X Package. Here we have describe only Weekly X Package. Let’s take a look at details of this package.

Jazz Weekly X Package

Jazz Weekly X Package allow to use 100 GB data, 1000 Jazz Minutes, 500 Other Network Minutes and 1000 SMS in Rs 504 only. Get Rs 50,000 Handset Insurance with Jazz Weekly X Package. Hence, this package has dual benefits.

As you know, Jazz allow its customers to use internet on 2G/3G/4G type. Moreover, You have both type of same & other network minutes. Messages are also present. We can say that X Package will make your life complete.


Offer Name:Jazz Weekly X Package
Jazz Minutes:1000
Other Minutes:500
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 504
Subscribe Code:*7737#

Note: You can multiple subscribe to this offer anytime.

How To Subscribe Prepaid Weekly X?

You can subscribe Jazz Weekly X Package by dialing *7737# code. There is also another alternative way for those who don’t want to use code method. Simply use Jazz World App and get this offer on your SIM.

Jazz 100GB Package

Jazz Weekly X Package is a Jazz 100GB Package that works for 7 days. Here the 100 GB is Plain and Social Offer. Yes! From total data, 50GB is plain internet. Other remaining MBs 50GB will work only on Tamasha, YouTube and TikTok respectively. That’s why, it is a dual combo of plain and social internet package.

All Network SMS

We can’t stay without messages. SMS are very important for us in our daily life. While chatting with friends, we can’t bear stock end of messages. This is the reason the Jazz is giving 1000 SMS in X Package.

Same & Other Network Minutes

As it is an all-rounder package. This is why, X Package provides both types of voice calling minutes. Call on same network Jazz numbers with 1000 minutes. On the other hand, the other network calling is possible through 500 minutes.

Validity & Price

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Price of this Prepaid X Package is Rs 504 only. You should keep extra balance in your Jazz SIM. Because while subscribing a package or when you recharge Jazz SIM the network apply taxes. Hence, this scenario may affect your subscription. It is the main reason Apna4G suggest our dear visitors to at least recharge Rs 500 to successfully subscribe.

Terms & Conditions
  • It is a prepaid offer.
  • This pack is non-recursive.
  • There is no time limit 24 hours.
  • No call setup charges will apply.
  • Taxes of all types will apply on pack.
  • Get additional details from Jazz Portal.