JazzCash Loyalty Points | Earn Free Money Online!

JazzCash Loyalty Points are digital money that is rewarded to users when they use Jazz Cash for payments. Hence, use the QR Code or Till ID payment system of Jazz Cash for making payments and start earning maximum Loyalty Points.

Earn maximum JazzCash Loyalty Points by paying bills & different payments through Jazz Cash QR Code & Till ID System. When you earn plenty of “Loyalty Points” then redeem these points, and you will become eligible to use these points as “Money” for Shopping, Donations, M-Tag top-up, Mobile Packages buy, and Recharge (load) your Number.

Hence, it is a golden chance for those Jazz Cash users who use the Jazz Cash app plenty of times for shopping and for different payments. Just use the Jazz Cash app every time you pay money to anyone. Hence, this app rewards you with money (points) for the use of this their app.

JazzCash Loyalty Points

Recently we have noticed a new change in JazzCash App. Yes! When we open the Jazz Cash app, then we notice “JazzCash Loyalty Program” on the front screen. Basically, this program works on a “Pay & Earn” policy.

The word “Pay & Earn” means that Jazz Cash wants its users to always use the Jazz Cash App for payments they made on regular basis. Hence, pay via “QR Code or Till ID” and increase your Loyalty Points. When you get maximum points in this section, then you will be able to buy thousands of services through these points.

JazzCash Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program Levels

There are 3 different levels of the Jazz Cash Loyalty Program. When you complete all challenges of the 1st level then you will get promoted to the next (2nd) level and this procedure will remain to continue till you get promoted to the final 3rd level.

  • Silver Level
  • Gold Level
  • Platinum Level
3 Different Levels

1st Step: Earn Loyalty Points

Follow these steps and 1st of all complete the given challenges which require the user to make a specific number of “QR Transactions” to earn the loyalty points in their account.

  • Open Jazz Cash App
  • Click on Loyalty Program
  • Complete 1st Challenge by making the required QR Transactions
  • On 1st Challenge completion, you will get mentioned loyalty points
  • All the points you earn from these challenges will show in the “Total Earning Section”

Note: Those users who don’t have the Jazz Cash App can click here and download the app online from Google Play Store.

2nd Step: Redeem Loyalty Points

Now, those users who have completed the given challenges of jazz cash and earn loyalty points can redeem these points to get different services for free.

  • Earn loyalty points by completing challenges
  • Now open the given “Loyalty Program” section
  • Click on the “Redeem” section and buy any service for free
  • After deducting your loyalty points, your selected service will be activated

Loyalty Program Redeem Services

By using these earned locality points, you can get any service according to your need from the given numerous options:

  • Jazz Mobile Bundles (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)
  • All Networks Prepaid Mobile Load (Jazz, Telenor, Ufone & Zong)
  • All Networks Postpaid Mobile Load (Jazz, Telenor, Ufone & Zong)
  • Use Redeem Points For Donation (SKMCH, Relief Fund, Edhi Foundation)
  • Pay Your M-Tag Service Fee using the Loyalty Program Points
  • Get Careem (Car Service) by using the Loyalty Program Points
  • Daraz Wallet Top-up is also possible by using these points

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How To Use Loyalty Points?

Follow these steps and use the loyalty points according to your desire:

  • Open Jazz Cash App
  • Click on the loyalty program
  • Now select redeem tab
  • All available items will appear
  • Select one of them to avail free
  • Finally, enter your MSISDN
  • At the next step, please enter your MPIN
  • Done! You have use (redeem) loyalty points
  • The selected service will be added to your account
Earn Money Online in Pakistan!

This service is an all-in-answer to this old question “How to earn money online in Pakistan” – Simply use the Jazz Cash app for your daily payments and increase your points. When you have got maximum points then buy load, SIM package, and other numerous services via free money points using the Jazz Cash app.

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