PTCL Internet Packages For Unlimited Downloading 2024

PTCL Internet Packages provides 6MB, 8MB, 15MB, 25MB, 50MB & 100MB speed on unlimited offers. Connection charges and packages price is present here.

It is very easy to get an internet connection in Pakistan because we have a ‘PTCL’ service. Basically, PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) is the 1st telecom network in Pakistan that is working for years in our country.

The early starter of PTCL was a 2Mbps bundle. Then it starts increasing in ascending order from 4, 8 & so on. Here we have described each bucket with speed, validity, and price for you.

PTCL Internet Packages

All these internet packages have the same validity of 30 days. Let’s take a look at each package. Always remember that the price of each bundle is different from others, and it increases according to (Mbps) speed.

Get the PTCL Unlimited Internet Monthly with Free Smart TV across all cities of Pakistan. Hence, we can say that it is a 2-in-1 opportunity providing both “Smart TV + Internet” at the price of a monthly net offer.

All these net packages come with free “PTCL Smart TV” feature. Yes! Now buy any package from the above list and also get free PTCL Smart TV in your house. It increases your fun and provides all channels including sports, movies, drama, ISLAMIC, and news.

6 Mbps Offer

1st package is 6 Mbps, and it is available in the form of (unlimited data) at a fixed price of 1875 rupees. The following package will come with a validity of 30 days (monthly).

Speed:6 Mbps
Price:Rs 1875
Validity:30 Days
Order Connection:Call 1218

8 Mbps Offer

Avail today of a PTCL internet connection with a monthly 8 Mbps speed for only, 2355 rupees. The FUP (Fair Usage Policy) will apply on given unlimited MBs. In addition, the 8 MBs offer comes with Free Smart TV feature.

Speed:8 Mbps
Price:Rs 2355
Validity:30 Days
Order Connection:Call 1218

15 Mbps Offer

Don’t you have a PTCL internet connection? If not! Then order it today by dialing 1218 and get 15 Mbps internet at a fixed price of 2870 rupees. Smart TV is also Free with this package.

Speed:15 Mbps
Price:Rs 2870
Validity:30 Days
Order Connection:Call 1218

25 Mbps Package

The super-speed package start from 25 Mbps. Basically, this speed is enough for all those users who want to get non-stop streaming or downloading without any “loading” delay. Hence, activate this package for Rs 3445 and get unlimited internet with 25Mbps speed with free PTCL SMART TV.

Speed:25 Mbps
Price:Rs 3445
Validity:30 Days
Order Connection:Call 1218

50 Mbps Package

It is true that the name of this package is 50 Mbps unlimited internet offers, but here the word unlimited has been limited by PTCL. Yes! At Rs 5295 you will receive 2,000 GB of internet. Hence, it is nearly equal to an unlimited internet bucket. In addition, you can increase its volume by simply buying an add-on. In this package, the user can add 100GB for 200 rupees. Remember that the following package comes with a PTCL official (smart TV) for free.

Speed:50 Mbps
Price:Rs 5295
Validity:30 Days
Order Connection:Call 1218

100 Mbps Package

The last package of the day is a 100 Mbps speed unlimited bundle. The subscriber will pay Rs 7845 per month for this package. Always remember that following is the price of the package only. The additional charges will apply for connection, and you will also be able to enjoy Free PTCL TV with this package.

Speed:100 Mbps
Price:Rs 7845
Validity:30 Days
Order Connection:Call 1218

What is PTCL Connection Fee?

There are two possible options in the PTCL Internet Connection order. Yes! Many times people want a new connection and on the other hand, usually, people prefer to re-install the old connection again. The fees for both types of connections are different.

Connection Type:Price:
New Telephone
(internet connection)
Rs 2499
Existing Telephone
(internet connection)
Rs 5000

How To Order Connection Installation?

Do you want to install a new PTCL internet connection? If yes! Then dial 1218 and ask the agent for a new connection & PTCL Internet Packages. The second method for new connection installation is to visit the PTCL franchise or office and get a new connection without delay. Get details about the latest PTCL CharJi Unlimited Package from here.

Terms & Conditions
  • Government taxes will apply
  • Packages are available in coverage areas
  • All these bundles come with a Fair Usage Policy
  • The connection fee will apply to whole installation
  • All types of equipment except paid are PTCL assets (wire & phone)
  • Moreover, Get details about packages, features, and terms from PTCL

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