Telenor 20GB Weekly Internet Package | 4G Weekly Ultra Plus

Dial *225# to activate Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra Plus also Known as Telenor 20GB Weekly Internet Package which provides 20GB for Rs 240.

Now avail Telenor 20GB Weekly internet for just PKR 240 including taxes. 7 days 4G internet package has been described with codes below. This bucket is divided into 2 parts (10GB for 24/7 + 10GB for 1AM – 9AM) for 7 days.

Telenor has recently launched a new daytime + nighttime data package. This package comes with 20GB of data of which 10GB will be usable in the daytime and the remaining 10GB will be usable in the nighttime. Hence, this is a 24/7 internet package for all 4G internet lovers.

Telenor 20GB Weekly Package

This data package allows the subscribers to use 20GB of data for 7 days non-stop at the price of rupees 240 only. Here a special timing has been set by the network authorities to fulfill the requirement of internet subscribers for the whole day & night.

Subscribe to Telenor Weekly Ultra Plus will get the fastest 4G (20GB) 20,000 MBs. From this data, half of the 10,000 MBs will work the whole day. On the other hand, the remaining 10,000 MBs will valid from (1 AM to 9 AM) at night. Hence, subscribers will remain connected to the internet 24/7 non-stop for 7 days.

4G Weekly Ultra Plus

Actually, the name of the 20GB Weekly Data Bundle is Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra Plus. We have defined the package incentives in the above paragraph. Here is the all-in-one remaining details with price & codes.


Offer Name:Telenor Weekly
Ultra Plus
Night-Timing:1 AM to 9 AM
Validity:7 Days
Price:PKR 240
Recharge Required:PKR 250
Remaining Check:*999#

How To Check MBs?

Here a question arises how a common subscriber would check the remaining MBs of night & daytime? It is very simple as you just have to dial *999# to check the remaining Telenor MBs free. You can also download & install “My Telenor App” to get info about your consumed incentives.

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Terms & Conditions
  • The recharge required is PKR 250.
  • Allowed MBs will work on 4G devices.
  • On MBs expiry, the network will charge PKR 1 per MB.
  • Only Telenor prepaid customers can activate this bundle.
  • Click here for more official website details with INFO & FaQs.

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