Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra Package Code 2024

Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra is an internet package which provides 24GB internet in Rs 450. Here 24GB is divided into 12 GB + 12 GB (12AM – 8AM) respectively. Mechanics and other basic details are given below.

In telecom industry, the most important goal is to satisfy all subscribers. That’s why, Telenor try best to provide superfast 4G internet at affordable price. These days people love to use social media apps such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and WhatsApp. To double fun, Telenor has introduce this monthly internet package.

On this page, we have mention the latest Telenor Monthly Internet Package. Yes! We are talking about Telenor Monthly 24GB Internet Package available in 450 rupees.

Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra Package

Dial *335# to subscribe Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra Package. Get 24GB internet in just 450 rupees. Here, 12GB works 24/7 and the remaining 12GB works from 12 AM to 8 AM.

We suggest our dear visitors to activate this monthly internet package and access social media, plain internet and non-stop download + uploading at fix price.

Full Details:

Offer Name:Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra
12GB Timing:12 GB
12GB Timing:12 GB
(12 AM – 8 AM)
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 450
Recharge Required:Rs 470
Subscribe Code:*335#

24GB Package

It is a 24GB internet package. This package works on all prepaid SIM cards. Here, Telenor officials have set a special timing of this package. Yes! You can use the half data (12GB) every time whenever you need. On the other hand, remaining 12GB will work from 12 AM to 8 AM daily continuously for (30 days) monthly.

3G/4G Supported

Monthly Ultra Telenor Package / Offer is a 3G/4G supported package. Hence, whether you have a prepaid 3G Telenor SIM or prepaid 4G Telenor 4G SIM, you can activate this offer and use 24GB internet. Enjoy the super speedy internet of Telenor for 30 days at affordable price.

How To Subscribe Telenor Monthly Ultra?

There are three methods to activate this Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra Offer. You can activate this offer by dialing official subscription code *335# and through the Telenor Website subscription section. On the other hand, Telenor App is another valid method to activate any prepaid offer. Let’s open your Telenor App and search the Monthly Ultra Pack in packages section. Click on subscribe button to successfully activate this bundle.

  • Activate by dialing *335# code
  • Subscribe by visiting Telenor Website
  • Activate by using Official Telenor App
Price & Required Load

Official price of this monthly prepaid package is Rs 450. But due to GST, AIT and FED taxes you need to load (recharge) more than official price. Load (recharge) Rs 470 and activate this package successfully.

  • Official Price: Rs 450
  • Required Load: Rs 470

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Terms & Conditions
  • It is a prepaid offer
  • This is a monthly package
  • It is an 3G/4G internet offer
  • Here internet works on 3G/4G SIM
  • Here 24GB is dived into two parts
  • 12GB of this data works 24/7 every time
  • 12GB of this data works from 12 AM to 8 AM
  • Multiple subscription of Monthly Ultra is possible
  • Once expire, this package will renew automatically
  • Use My Telenor App to check remaining data of this offer
  • GST, AIT and FED taxes will apply on this monthly internet offer

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