Telenor 4G Wingle Internet Packages 2022 (Update)

Telenor 4G Wingle Internet Packages 2022 is available at an affordable price of 3,300 rupees. All 3G and 4G internet packages of Telenor Wingle are present here on this page. Enjoy your fastest internet at a low price.

In markets many internet devices are available but this device is advanced and affordable as compared to others. That’s why; Telenor has always had a unique position in matters of affordable packages & prices. Today we have a new device and we will discuss its features, price, and packages in detail.

Telenor 4G Wingle Price

This 4G internet device is available in the whole of Pakistan just in PKR 3300. This is a plug & play device which can connect 10 WIFI devices (Laptops, PC, Smartphones, Tablets, etc) of all types simultaneously. Complete details of this device are mentioned below:

Device Name:Telenor 4G Wingle
Price:PKR 3300
Eligibility:Plug & Play
Connect Up-to:10 Devices
Available For:2G/3G/4G
Order Device:Retailer/Online

4G Wingle Packages (GB & Price)

Enjoy the fastest 4G internet and download with the latest bundles available for the device at the lowest prices. We have mentioned package names with their incentives details & price. You can activate a bundle by dialing its activation code or by visiting the official website of the network.

Wingle 3 Months Package

This is a long-time bundle to enjoy the fastest 4G internet for 3 months non-stop in just PKR 4000/- only. Complete details of this bundle with activation code are mentioned below.

Package Name:4G 3 Months
Data:108 GB
Price:PKR 4000
Each Month:36GB/30 Days
Validity:3 Months
(90 Days)
Telenor 4G Wingle Packages Details

4G Monthly Unlimited

Get maximum data 275 GB for 1 month in just PKR 6000/- only. Code is mentioned below.

Package Name:4G Monthly
Data:275 GB
Price:PKR 6000
Validity:30 Days

4G Monthly Value

In this bundle, the user will get 150 GB of data for 30 days in PKR 3800/- without any pause.

Complete details of the bundle:

Package Name:4G Monthly
Data:150 GB
Price:PKR 3800
Validity:30 Days

Telenor 4G Monthly Smart

A smart bundle for smart users will lower the price of PKR 2500/- giving away 75GB of data + 75GB free from (1 AM to 7 AM) for 30 days.

Package Name:4G Monthly Smart
Data:75GB data
+ 75GB free
Free Data Timing:1 AM to 7 AM
Price:PKR 2500
Validity:30 Days

4G Monthly Lite

Get 30 GB data 24/7 + 30 GB free extra data from (1AM to 7AM) in PKR 1500/- for 30 days.

Package Name:4G Monthly Lite
Data:30GB data
+ 30GB free
Free Data Timing:1 AM to 7 AM
Price:PKR 1500
Validity:30 Days
Telenor 4G Monthly Lite

In PKR 150 receive 2000 Mbps + 1000 Mbps for WhatsApp/Goonj/GameBox for 30 days non-stop.

Here are the details.

Package Name:4G Monthly Lite
Data:2000 Mbps
Free Data:1000 Mbps
Mbps:Goonj/ GameBox
+ WhatsApp
Price:PKR 150
Validity:30 Days

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Apna4G Final Words

Every year Telenor updates internet bundles. These all bundles mention above are the latest 2022 bundles for the WINGLE device. We have also mentioned a subscription code with packages. If the subscription code did not work properly then please activate your desired bundle by clicking on INFO & FaQs.

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