Zong ESIM Price, Code & Activation Details

Zong ESIM – People who are searching about eSIM prepaid & postpaid network will get full details about it from this article. No need for old plastic chips (SIM) because now we have an Embedded Subscriber Identity Module or ESIM.

It is a new technology that has already replaced SIM cards in Dubai & USA (the modern countries) however in under-develop countries like Pakistan it is still not introduced by a few networks. Yes!

Fortunately, Zong is the network that has recently launched (introduce) the facility of eSIM for its advanced users who own expensive cell phones (iPhones or branded devices).

Zong ESIM (Details)

In a recent Tweet, the officials of Zong confirmed they have upgraded the service & Zong ESIM is now available in Pakistan for Rs 1500/- only. Hence, get rid of this physical (plastic SIM) card and get Zong Embedded Subscriber Identity Module today.

Now you can get this new technology SIM online and from official franchise of network. However, it is also a good SIM (physical card) because it can be change from 1 phone to another. On the other hand, the new E-SIM is very hard to transfer from 1 phone to another.

eSIM Price in Pakistan

Zong eSIM price is Rs 1500 in Pakistan. Yes! Now upgrade your physical SIM into eSIM on Zong network because the network engineers have successfully introduce Embedded Subscriber Identity Module wide coverage of the network. Conclusion is this the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module is launch by Zong in market.

Only For Expensive Phones

Basically, expensive smartphones can install and access the eSIM that’s why the network has introduce this service. Only a few people are using expensive phones. On the other hand, many people are using ordinary phones that can’t support eSIM. Hence, for such users, the physical SIM will still work along with eSIM.

It is the latest Tweet that is replied to by a network official to a prepaid customer. On the question of launching the “eSIM” and the price of the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module.

We (Zong) have Successfully launched Zong eSIM for just 1500 rupees in Pakistan.

Often Asked Questions

People who want to get rid of this physical SIM card and want to install an Embedded Subscriber Identity Module or ESIM must have these questions in their minds. Take a look at these questions:

  • What is Zong eSIM?
  • How Zong ESIM Works?
  • Is Zong e-SIM Available in Pakistan?
  • How to activate the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module in Zong?
  • What is the price of the Zong Embedded Subscriber Identity Module?

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Hence, all these questions are answer above in this article in details along with price, specifications and other information about Zong Embedded Subscriber Identity Module in Pakistan.


Enjoy the fastest Zong internet and best network service by using the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module for prepaid and postpaid customers. You will get the answers to all these questions from this blog.

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  1. Hello! Please please tell me the status of the availability of e sim of Zong network in Haripur region of kpk Pakistan

  2. AOA. I am zong user and Ufone & Jazz both networks has been launched esim service but zong have not. may i ask why? you are best 4g provider am i right?

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