Ufone ESIM Price in Pakistan, Supported Devices & Details

Ufone ESIM is available in Pakistan for Rs 2500. Visit Ufone Service Center & convert Ufone SIM to eSIM. Yes! It is possible by visiting a franchise or service center, and they will convert your Micro or Nano (physical SIM) to eSIM at the cost of 500 rupees (the conversion) fee.

After your physical SIM convert to eSIM, you will get an eSIM Jacket with a unique QR Code. Hence, this Jacket is the basic source to activate the eSIM in your Android or iOS using that QR Code.

Before going to describe the activation of Ufone ESIM. First, take a look at the basic details of this new technology that will help you at the time of its activation.

Ufone ESIM (Description)

People have become used to these old physical SIM cards. Hence, many Ufone SIM users feel hesitation when they think they will have to lose their physical SIM and instead, imaginary (built-in) settings will be installed that will work as our SIM card.

However, I clearly want to describe to you that the following technology is not going to lose your personal contact numbers or other SMS or basic settings. It is just a transfer of technology in which you will get rid of traditional (plastic) SIM cards. Hence, upgrade your mobile SIM technology via Ufone for 500 rupees latest SIM conversion service.

ESIM Price (Latest)

All other networks are charging a maximum of rupees for eSIM, but Ufone always takes care of its users. Yes! This time the officials have just fixed Rs 2500 fees to convert your current SIM Number to ESIM. Hence, the ESIM is Free, you just need to pay 500 rupees to convert your ordinary SIM to ESIM.

Ufone eSIM Price:Rs 2500

Isn’t it the best cost to get a new technology at the cost of 2500 rupees by using the top telecom network in Pakistan? On the other hand, the following SIM will provide numerous benefits that are mentioned below.

Activate (Setup) Ufone ESIM in (Android)

Do you have an android mobile phone from any company? If yes! Then follow these steps and activate Ufone ESIM on your Android Operating System:

  • Visit Ufone Franchise
  • Or Visit Ufone Service Center
  • Ask the agent to convert your SIM to eSIM
  • Ufone agent will check your CNIC card
  • Now you have to complete a Biometric verification
  • After that, they will provide you with an ESIM Jacket with a QR Code
  • Open the settings of your Android mobile and click on SIM Card Manager
  • Now select the eSIM option, then select Add Mobile Plan to open the camera
  • Now scan that QR code in your mobile, and it will automatically setup eSIM
  • It’s time to provide the Ufone ESIM default pin code – enter 0000 (four zero)
  • Done! Your eSIM is activated, and you can use the internet and make calls using eSIM
  • Hence, Your contacts and other basic details will remain saved on the eSIM setup

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Activate (Setup) Ufone ESIM in (iPhone)

Do you want to set up an Embedded Subscriber Identity Module on your iPhone? It is the same and easy, but you must have to follow the steps that are given below:

  • eSIM support only iOS 12.1 and above
  • Open the iPhone settings and click on Cellular
  • To open the camera for scan open ⇒ Add the Cellular Plan
  • Now the camera will scan that code and eSIM will be setup
  • Moreover, The default pin for setup completion is 0000 – (four zero)

Note: Latest iPhone models 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XR, and XS Max support eSIM.

Terms & Conditions
  • Only the latest phones support eSIM
  • 1 phone can use multiple eSIM at a time
  • eSIM supports 4G and LTE internet service
  • You can access all telecom services using it
  • ESIM is currently available in selected cities only
  • In addition, For more information visit the official site