Telenor 100 GB IN 180 Rupees Code 2024 – Mega Monthly Offer

Every single subscriber can enjoy Telenor 100 GB in 180 rupees for 30 days with Telenor Mega Monthly Offer at an affordable price of Rs 180.

With Mega Monthly Offer, all Telenor subscribers will be able to get 100 GB of data from 12AM to 12PM for one month (30 days). The affordable and best data bundle is only described on the Apna4G page.

Telenor 4G internet is best to watch online videos, socializing, video calling, and remaining online for 24 hours. That is why we recommend Telenor 4G data to all dear visitors of Apna4G. The bundle is specially designed for half-day and the bundle is the cheapest in the history of telecom internet packages.

Telenor 100 GB in 180 Rupees

Dial *29# and activate the Mega Monthly Offer which gives away Telenor 100 GB IN 180 Rupees. This mega offer is available for PKR 180 rupees. The validity is 30 days, which makes the offer more gorgeous. However, the timing of this offer is special from 12AM to 12PM.

It means subscribers will only be able to use Telenor data in this package from 12AM to 12 PM. These hours make the bundle timing unique from other internet bundles.

Telenor 100 GB Mega Monthly

You can subscribe to Telenor Mega Monthly via the *29# code. Or it is also present on “My Telenor App” that’s why subscribers have to download and install “My Telenor App” and have open internet bundles in that application. After that, select and confirm the package subscription. Congratulation, you have subscribed to Telenor 100 GB Mega Monthly Offer in PKR 180 with the help of “My Telenor App”.

How To SUB Mega Monthly Offer

To subscribe to Telenor Mega Monthly Offer to avail of 100 GB for 30 days for 180 rupees, the subscriber has to dial *29# or download and install “My Telenor App”. After app installation, open data packages and select the “Telenor Mega Monthly Offer” from the list.

Offer Name:Telenor Mega
Monthly Offer
Data:100 GB
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 180
Subscribe Code:*29#

Note: The 100GB data will be usable from 12AM to 12PM daily for 30 days.

Unique Data Timing

As we have mention that Telenor mega monthly offer of 100GB can only be subscribe to offer via *29# code or through “My Telenor App”. However, it is important to mention that the bundle has a very valid timing. It means that allowed data will only work from 12AM to 12PM every day continuously for 30 days.

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Apna4G Final Words

People are searching for the subscription code of Telenor Mega Monthly Offer or commonly known as “Telenor 100 GB IN 180 Rupees for 30 days package”. The only possible way is to subscribe to the bundle through “My Telenor App”. Hence, click here to download and install the “My Telenor App”.

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