Telenor Load Reversal Code and Trick 2024

Many times we recharge balance on wrong numbers. That’s why, officials have introduce Telenor Load Reversal Code to get balance back. Get info about How To Reverse Telenor Load in 2024.

Prepaid users need to load / recharge their SIM card after short intervals to subscribe different call packages, internet packages and also to avail other service of Telenor SIM. That’s why, here, we have address a common problem that everyone face while recharging / loading their SIM card.

While recharge balance in your SIM, if you mistakenly type a wrong digit, then your balance will be sent to a wrong Telenor Prepaid Number. Hence, you need to know this working trick to recover (reverse) mistakenly send balance on a wrong a number.

Telenor Load Reversal Code

It is now possible to reverse easy load which you have recharge on any unknown number mistakenly while using Telenor network. Yes! There are three valid methods that work for 100% sure and reverse your load in few easy steps.

Now it is your choice whether you use code method, call method or helpline (agent) method. We have mention each method separately below for your guide:

  • Code Method
  • Call Method
  • Helpline Method

Let’s talk each method below, and we will prove it practically by adding one picture of each method. So that you can easily follow these steps and reverse your Telenor load in few seconds.

Load Reversal Code Method

Those Telenor users who have mistakenly load / recharge on a wrong Telenor number, and now they want to reverse / recover their easy load. It is very easy, and you just need to follow these steps:

  • Every time when you recharge, a Transaction ID is automatically generated
  • This Transaction ID is present on the mobile from where you send (recharge) load
  • Take (note) that Transaction ID and dial it with *777*55*MPIN*Transaction ID#
  • For example: Dial *777*55*4477*02191xxxx# and wait till this code process
  • In few seconds your balance will be refunded in your account with tax deduction
Code Method

This methods in 99.9% cases. However, It is my advice to recover your balance before the second party use it. If second party use your balance, then you can’t recover Telenor load or perform Telenor Load Reversal Code Method.

Call Method

It is always a scary time when you mistakenly recharge anyone else number instead of your Telenor SIM Number. That’s why, Telenor officials are always there to help you out. Call 345545 and follow these steps:

  • Call on 345545 from your Telenor number.
  • Now ask the agent to help you in Telenor Load Reversal
  • You have to wait few seconds and after few steps they will recover your balance
  • This method works in many cases, hence you can also use this method while balance recovery

Helpline Method

Visit Telenor franchise, the nearest office or SIM center and ask them about load reversal procedure. They will help you in this critical situation. Hence, you have three different methods that can help you if you have recharge your balance on wrong Telenor number.

Things You Have To Remember

Never share your personal number, MPIN, or private details with anyone. On the other hand, if you have load (recharge) on a wrong number, then try to start this Reversal Procedure within 24 hours.

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Because after 24 hours, you can’t reverse your load. On the other hand, Telenor Load Reversal Code method only works if second party (load receiver) still don’t have use your balance (load). Good Luck!