Telenor Postpaid Packages Internet, Call And SMS

Switch to Postpaid today and activate from Telenor Postpaid Packages to get Internet, SMS, On-Network Minutes and Off-Network Minutes. Hence activate any Postpaid Plan from Freedom, Smart, Family Share, Call, SMS, Internet, Hybrid & International Bundles and enjoy non-stop Telenor Postpaid services.

All of us know about Telenor. It is not a new network, it is working in Pakistan for last few years and now millions of subscribers are using Telenor prepaid & postpaid 3G/4G (LTE) SIM cards. This network has also introduce it’s eSIM and get details about Telenor eSIM from here. Moreover the word “Postpaid” is common use word in telecom industry.

Basically, the user subscribe any package / offer on Postpaid SIM and after the service ends on it’s validity last day the network officials charges the bill of that service. That is known as postpaid service. Telenor postpaid SIM cards are widely in use all over in Pakistan. That’s why, here on this page we have mention all Telenor Postpaid Call, Internet and SMS Packages along with price and subscription methods.

Telenor Postpaid Packages

Telenor Postpaid Packages comes in 3 different categories. Those categories includes Price Plans, Bundles and International Offers. Price Plans have Freedom, Smart and Family Share Plans. On the other hand, Bundles comes with Telenor Postpaid Call, SMS, Hybrid and Internet Bundles. Finally, the last one is internationally category that comes those Telenor postpaid packages that are specially designed for Telenor Postpaid to International connection. Hence our topic of the day includes all these categories that have call, messages, same network and other network calling minutes.

Hence all those users who are searching for Telenor Postpaid Call, Internet and SMS Packages must have to see these packages. Because these is no other postpaid package except these. Let’s start our topic of the day and see what we have got here in these postpaid offers.

Price Plans

First of all here we have price plans that comes with following Telenor postpaid package Freedom, Smart and Family Share Plans. Lets see the plans one by one.

Freedom Plans

In price plans first of all here we have “Freedom Plans” that comes with Internet, SMS, On-Network and Off-Network minutes. We have mention all Telenor Postpaid Packages (Freedom Plans) below in details.

Freedom 300

First of all here we have Telenor Freedom 300 Plan that comes with 2,000 MBs + 1,000 MB Facebook & WhatsApp along with 750 SMS, 1000 On-Network Minutes and 150 Other Network Minutes. Price of this package is 570 rupees.

Offer:Freedom 300
Telenor Minutes:1000
Other Minutes:150
Price:Rs 570
Freedom 350

This packages has 4000 MBs, 750 SMS, 2500 Telenor and 200 Other Minutes for just 650 rupees. See details below.

Offer:Freedom 350
Telenor Minutes:2500
Other Minutes:200
Price:Rs 650
Freedom 420

As the Telenor Freedom 420 Plan comes with 6GB internet but here 3GB works from 12AM to 12PM and remining 3GB works 247 respectively. Other incentives details are present below along with price.

Offer:Freedom 420
Telenor Minutes:3000
Other Minutes:150
Price:Rs 500
Freedom 600

12GB Internet, 1000 SMS, 7000 On-Net and 350 Off-Net Minutes for 1060 rupees are affordable. See this postpaid package below.

Offer:Freedom 600
Telenor Minutes:7000
Other Minutes:350
Price:Rs 1060
Freedom 700

Get 12,288 MBs (6144 MBs 12AM-12PM) along with 1000 SMS, 5000 On-Net Minutes and 300 Other Minutes. According to it’s name the price of this postpaid plan is also 700 rupees.

Offer:Freedom 700
Telenor Minutes:5000
Other Minutes:300
Price:Rs 700
Freedom 825

Telenor Freedom 825 Plan has total 20GB internet in which 10GB works from 12AM 12PM. Other incentives are mention with details below.

Offer:Freedom 825
Telenor Minutes:7000
Other Minutes:500
Price:Rs 850
Freedom 1000

No such package comes with 41GB internet except Telenor Postpaid Freedom 1000 Plan. Here a special timing 12AM to 12PM apply on half data (20GB) in this offer. Let’s see it’s details.

Offer:Freedom 1000
Telenor Minutes:Unlimited
Other Minutes:700
Price:Rs 1600
Freedom 1500

Finally, the last plan in this category is Telenor Freedom 1500 that comes with massive incentives. Yes! this offer has 71GB data in which 36GB will only work from 12AM to 12PM. Get 1000 SMS, Unlimited Telenor Minutes and 1200 Other Minutes for 2350 rupees.

Offer:Freedom 1500
Telenor Minutes:Unlimited
Other Minutes:1200
Price:Rs 2350

Smart Plans

In Telenor Postpaid Packages the Smart Plans are such Plans / Packages that comes with SMS, Internet and All Network Minutes for affordable prices. Let’s see all Telenor Postpaid Smart Packages along with prices and details.

Smart 300

Activate Telenor Smart 300 Bundle and get 1GB internet for days along with 300 SMS and 300 All Network Minutes for 535 rupees. Enjoy the full month at low price with Smart 300 bundle.

Offer:Smart 300
All Net Minutes:300
Price:Rs 535
Smart 600

The updated version of previous bundle is Telenor Smart 600 that has 2GB internet, 750 SMS and 750 All Network Minutes. Subscribe this package today using Telenor App or online by visiting the Telenor official site.

Offer:Smart 600
All Net Minutes:750
Price:Rs 1010
Smart 1000

Do you want a jumbo bundle for 30 days? Then what could be better then Smart 1000? Activate it for 1660 rupees and enjoy 4GB data, 1000 SMS and 1300 All Network Minutes.

Offer:Smart 1000
All Net Minutes:1300
Price:Rs 1660
Smart 1500

Second last Smart Plan in Postpaid Plans List is Smart 1500 that has 6GB internet. These 6000 MBs are for 3G/4G users. Then activate it today and use best 3G/4G service in your area at affordable price.

Offer:Smart 1500
All Net Minutes:2000
Price:Rs 2400
Smart 3000

Last Smart 3000 bundle comes with 10240 MB, 1000 SMS and 4500 Free Any Network Minutes. It’s name is 3000 Smart but it’s price 4600 rupees.

Offer:Smart 3000
All Net Minutes:4500
Price:Rs 4600

Family Share Plans

Now you can activate one package for your entire package with Family Share Plans. Yes! One number will eligible to share and manage the resources of entire group (family) subscribe through Telenor Postpaid Family Share Plans. Here we have four Telenor Family Share Plans along with price, code and other basic details.

Family Share Plans (2 Lines)

One subscriber and one extra (child number) can be added in Family Share Plans (2 Lines). Dial *377# to manage your group with ease once subscribed. Activate this 2 Lines Family Share Plan to get 20GB+5GB(Social), Unlimited On-Network Minutes, 700 Off-Network Minutes and 10,000 SMS respectively. This offer price is 1887 rupees.

Offer:Family Share Plans (2 Lines)
Telenor Minutes:Unlimited
Other Minutes:700
Price:Rs 1887
Family Share Plans (3 Lines)

One subscriber and two extra (child numbers) can be added in Family Share Plans (3 Lines). Thus offer has 30GB+5GB(Social) data and Unlimited On-Network Minutes, 1050 Off-Network Minutes & 10,000 SMS. Offer price is 2574 rupees.

Offer:Family Share Plans (3 Lines)
Telenor Minutes:Unlimited
Other Minutes:1050
Price:Rs 2574
Family Share Plans (4 Lines)

Do you have a big family? If yes! Then activate Telenor Postpaid Family Share Plans (4 Lines) for 3124 rupees. It comes with 40GB+5GB(Social) data, Unlimited On-Network Minutes, 1400 Off-Network Minutes & 10,000 SMS.

Offer:Family Share Plans (4 Lines)
Telenor Minutes:Unlimited
Other Minutes:1400
Price:Rs 3124
Family Share Plans (5 Lines)

Final Family share plan 5 lines connects 1 admin and 4 extra numbers in this postpaid plan. Get 50GB+5GB(Social) data, 10000 SMS, Unlimited Telenor to Telenor Minutes and 1750 Other Network Minutes in 3261 rupees.

Offer:Family Share Plans (5 Lines)
Telenor Minutes:Unlimited
Other Minutes:1750
Price:Rs 3261

Postpaid Bundles (Call, Hybrid, Internet & SMS)

Now after the famous postpaid price plans of Telenor. We have mention below the Telenor Postpaid Call, Hybrid, Internet and SMS Bundles. Let’s see each bundle separately along with incentives, prices, validity and other basic details.

Call Packages

On Net Bundle 100

Dial *345*831# to activate Telenor On Net Bundle 100 that is a monthly postpaid call package. This offer gives 550 Telenor Minutes for just 150 rupees.

Offer:On Net Bundle 100
Telenor Minutes:550 Minutes
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 150
On Net Bundle 250

Seconds calling bundle is On Net Bundle 250. Dial *345*832# to activate this offer and get 1300 on-network minutes in just 380 rupees only. See the details from below.

Offer:On Net Bundle 250
Telenor Minutes:1300 Minutes
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 380
On Net Bundle 550

In 820 rupees you will receive 3000 Telenor to Telenor Calling Minutes. Yes! activate On Net Bundle 550 and enjoy monthly Telenor calls on postpaid SIM.

Offer:On Net Bundle 550
Telenor Minutes:3000 Minutes
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 820
Any Network Voice Bundle 100

Do you want to get minutes for all networks? If yes! then here we have such a package that provides minutes for all networks on postpaid SIM. Dial *345*821# to activate Any Network Voice Bundle 100 and get 110 All Network Minutes for 150 rupees.

Offer:Any Network Voice Bundle 100
All Network Minutes:110 Minutes
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 150
Any Network Voice Bundle 250

Dial *345*822# to activate Any Network Voice Bundle 250 and get All Network Minutes 280 (Telenor to Other Networks) for 30 days in 380 rupees.

Offer:Any Network Voice Bundle 250
All Network Minutes:280 Minutes
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 380
Any Network Voice Bundle 550

For all networks you can receive 620 minutes. This is a 30 days valid package. Price of this package is 830 rupees. Dial *345*823# code to subscribe this offer.

Offer:Any Network Voice Bundle 550
All Network Minutes:620 Minutes
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 830

Hybrid Bundles

Now it’s time to describe the hybrid packages. Hybrid packages are those packages that comes with all types of incentives SMS, Internet, On-Network and Off-Network Minutes for different validities. Yes! Subscription codes of each package is also present along with each offer. Lets see Telenor Postpaid Hybrid Packages.

Hybrid Add-On Bundle 125

Telenor Hybrid Add-On Bundle 125 Offer is giving 150 MBs internet, 150 On-Network Minutes and 50 Other Network Minutes for 30 days in just 172 rupees. Dial *345*73# code to activate this offer.

Offer:Hybrid Add-On Bundle 125
Internet:150 MBs
On-Net Minutes:150 Minutes
Off-Net Minutes:50 Minutes
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 172
Hybrid Add-On Bundle 600

Telenor Hybrid Add-On Bundle 600 is such a bundle that comes with 4GB internet, 2000 SMS, 2000 On-Network Minutes and 300 Off-Network Minutes. It is a monthly valid offer. Price of this offer is 825 rupees. For subscription please use Telenor App.

Offer:Hybrid Add-On Bundle 600
On-Net Minutes:2000 Minutes
Off-Net Minutes:300 Minutes
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 825
Code:Use App

Internet Plans

You can also activate 3G/4G Internet Package on Telenor Postpaid SIM. That’s why, here we have mention all Telenor Postpaid Internet Packages along with Price, codes, incentives and details.

Data Bolts 300

First of all here we have Data Bolts 300 Offer that comes with 4GB internet for 30 days in 350 rupees. Dial *345*38# code to activate this Telenor Monthly Postpaid Offer.

Offer Name:Data Bolts 300
Per MB:Rs 1.024/MB + tax
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 350
Data Bolts 450

Telenor Data Bolts 450 Offer comes with 6.5GB Internet for Rs 520 only. Yes! you can subscribe this offer today by dialing *345*37# code.

Offer Name:Data Bolts 450
Per MB:Rs 1.024/MB + tax
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 520
Data Bolts 700

Per MB rate is fix Rs 1.024/MB + tax and according to that rate the Data Bolts 700 provides 10GB for 800 rupees. Dial *345*36# to activate this offer.

Offer Name:Data Bolts 700
Per MB:Rs 1.024/MB + tax
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 800
Data Bolts 1000

For 1140 rupees you can get 18GB internet on your postpaid Telenor SIM. For subscription you just need to dial *345*35# code.

Offer Name:Data Bolts 1000
Per MB:Rs 1.024/MB + tax
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 1140
Data Bolts 1500

If we look closely then following Telenor Data Bolts 1500 Package is a good and massive bundle just because of it’s incentives. Yes! now become eligible to get 30GB internet for 1700 rupees. Dial *345*34# code.

Offer Name:Data Bolts 1500
Per MB:Rs 1.024/MB + tax
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 1700
Data Add-On Bundle

Get an additional 15GB on your current Postpaid package through Data Add-On Bundle. Just dial *345*899# code and get 15GB for 30 days in 508 rupees.

Offer Name:Data Add-On Bundle
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 508
Weekly Sports Package

Telenor Postpaid always launch such packages that works on sports apps. That’s why, for cricket lovers the officials have launch a Telenor Postpaid Package that is known as Weekly Sports Package. Get 2GB for Crickwick for 7 days in just 20 rupees by dialing *345*196# code.

Offer Name:Weekly Sports Package
Internet:2GB for Crickwick
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 20
5 GB YouTube Add-On Bundle

Do you want 5 GB YouTube Add-On? If yes! then following bundle is for you. Simply dial *345*78# code and get 5GB YouTube data at 254 rupees.

Offer Name:5 GB YouTube Add-On Bundle
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 254
10 GB YouTube Add-On Bundle

You can activate Telenor 10 GB YouTube Add-On Bundle. This package comes with 10GB data for YouTube in just 508 rupees. Dial *345*72# to activate this offer.

Offer Name:10 GB YouTube Add-On Bundle
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 508

SMS Bundles

Do you want to send and receive SMS (messages) on Telenor Postpaid Sim card? If Yes! then here we have mention below SMS Bundle 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Hence these are Telenor Postpaid SMS Bundles along with price, code and details.

SMS Bundle 1

Dial *345*761# code to activate Telenor SMS Bundle 1. This package comes with 300 postpaid SMS at 50 rupees. Enjoy non-stop messaging on postpaid SIM card at affordable price.

Offer Name:SMS Bundle 1
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 50
SMS Bundle 2

Second Telenor Postpaid SMS Package is SMS Bundle 2. For subscription dial *345*762# code and receive 700 SMS for 30 days in 100 rupees.

Offer Name:SMS Bundle 2
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 100
SMS Bundle 3

Activate the Telenor Postpaid SMS Bundle 3 for 305 rupees. Moreover, You will receive 7000 SMS by subscribing the postpaid package. Activation code of this offer is *345*763# respectively.

Offer Name:SMS Bundle 3
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 305

Postpaid International Offers

Telenor Postpaid SIM is a source of connection between international traveling folks back to there families in Pakistan. Yes! Here we have all Telenor Postpaid International Offers with details.

Mega Data Bundle

Do you want to get internet while traveling to Thailand/ Malaysia/ Turkey/ Singapore. Dial *759# to activate the Mega Data Bundle and get 3GB for just Rs 1499. It is a monthly offer.

Offer Name:Mega Data Bundle
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 1499

Note: Mega Data Bundle is a Telenor Postpaid International Internet Bundle that works in Thailand/ Malaysia/ Turkey/ Singapore.

USA, Canada and UK Offer

It is now possible to call on landline or mobile number in USA / Canada, and landline number in UK at just Rs 6.737 per minute. Isn’t is a best postpaid international calling offer? Yes! it is is. Just dial 999 before the international number and start best calling experience on Telenor postpaid SIM.

Offer Name:USA, Canada and UK Offer
Price:Rs 6.737
Code:Dial 999 before number
Subscription:No Subscription Needed
International SMS Offer

Now send send SMS on international level through Telenor prepaid SIM. Yes! activate Telenor International SMS Offer and send per SMS for 10 rupees. No subscription needed for this postpaid offer. Moreover, see the details of this offer from below.

Offer Name:International SMS Offer
Per SMS Rate:Rs 10 + Tax
Subscription:No Subscription Needed
Telenor Postpaid Billing

As you know in postpaid system the user first use the incentives of the package then after expiry of the package the network charges that package price. Hence the Telenor Postpaid Packages Billing system works automatically.

Switch To Postpaid

You can also place your order online at “Switch To Postpaid’ tab. Select any postpaid bundle, review price, edit your details and and place your order. Hence, Telenor Postpaid Package will automatically activate on your SIM for next 30 days and the balance will be deducted from your line.

See: Telenor eSIM Price & Details

Terms & Conditions
  • All these are Telenor postpaid packages
  • We have mention here full details including line rent and tax details
  • GST, AIT and FED taxes will apply here on Telenor postpaid packages
  • According to Telenor 20 paisa deduct on dialing of USSDs resources check
  • Telenor can update (reduce or increase) the price of any package anytime
  • GB will continue to operate on zero tax & Line rent amount is inclusive of tax
  • Postpaid Call, SMS, Internet, Hybrid & International Packages are present here
  • Telenor helpline charges are 2 rupees when you connect to a customer relations officer
  • Use Telenor App or official Telenor website to check about more Postpaid packages details