Telenor UAE Call Package & International Calling Rates

For the United Arab Emirates, we have a special Telenor UAE Call Package with international calling rates of PKR 6.772 per 20 seconds.

Now call on any UAE number for just Rs 6.772 per 20 seconds. Yes! This is the fresh international calling rate for Telenor prepaid subscribers to call on any number in UAE.

There is no package subscription for this offer. Just dial 111 before the international number and call from a prepaid Telenor number. You will charge according to 20 seconds. Hence we can say that international calling has become easy with prepaid Telenor SIM card.

Telenor UAE Call Package

According to Telenor UAE Call Package, the subscriber will have to pay Rs 6.772 per 20 seconds on international calls. Yes! This is the fixed rate whether you call for few seconds or for hours.

In addition, this bundle not uses any other names of extra charges and hidden taxes. Hence now for a fixed calling rate, you can call in UAE any number.

Telenor UAE Call Package Code

There is no subscription code for this package. Just dial 111 before the number you want to call on. The network will charge the fixed calling rates if you dial 111 before the international number. Otherwise, the network will charge additional charges and normal calling rates that apply to another boundary call. That’s why we recommend our dear subscribers to enjoy the Telenor UAE Call Package Code 111 before every international number.

Offer Name:Telenor UAE
Call Package
Rates:6.772 per
20 seconds
Validity:24 Hours

Note: Just dial 111 before UAE number.

Fixed Calling Rates

Now, pay fixed calling rates to any number on international calls you made to UAE. Yes! With Telenor code 111 you dial before every call on the international level will deduct the lowest calling rates. These calling rates always remain PKR 6.772 per 20 seconds.

Call On Any Numer

Calling on any international number has become very easy with Telenor. Because if we compare the calling rates of Telenor with other telecom networks of Pakistan then it is notable that only Telenor provides the cheapest and affordable rates on an international scale.

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Visit Official Site

You can also visit the official website of Telenor to check out the complete details of the Telenor UAE Offer. We recommend our dear subscribers to check out other international calling bundles provide by Telenor on the link given above.

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