Telenor International Call Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

On this page, you will get info about all Telenor International Call Packages. Get international call rates of Telenor landline & mobile.

Telenor is the best network to stay calm. You can stay connected with your friends & family members all around the world. Yes! Now there is no boundary or limit to calling friends. Telenor is giving away the best international calling rates to all subscribers.

Telenor launched the same rates to call in Pakistan or in other countries. International calling has become very easy. The reason is the lowest calling rates ever introduced in the history of telecom networks. That’s why we always recommend Telenor to call on international numbers.

Telenor International Call Packages

There are plenty of Telenor International Call Packages having the lowest calling rates for specific countries. Hence, we have collected all international voice bundles. They are packages of Telenor & give information at a place.

  • Saudi Offer
  • Global Bundle
  • Afghanistan Offer
  • USA, Canada & UK Offer
  • International Discount Offer | KSA
  • UAE Offer (United Arab Emirates)
  • Daily International Voice Bundle
  • Weekly International Voice Bundle
  • Monthly International Voice Bundle

Note: Please click on the package name to view its details. By clicking on the package name, “complete package details” will automatically open. Details will open in a new tab. In addition, these are only Telenor Prepaid International Call Packages.

Telenor International Rates

The rates of these international calling bundles are different from each other. The reason behind it is the country code of the number on which you are calling. All international call packages are highlighted on this page. Simply click on the bundle and easily get access to your desired bundle.

Telenor International Voice Bundle

1st of all, here we have Telenor International Voice Bundle that provides 10 International Minutes (Daily) for 16 Rupees. Next, the offer provides 70 International Minutes (Weekly) for 85 rupees. Finally, the subscriber will get 300 International Minutes for 30 days. Here is the list of selected countries where you can use these minutes, and other details are present below.

Daily International Voice Bundle

International Minutes:10
Validity:1 Day
Price:Rs 16

Weekly International Voice Bundle

International Minutes:70
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 85

Monthly International Voice Bundle

International Minutes:300
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 350

Landline: Australia, Cyprus, Greece, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal

Landline + Mobile: China, Denmark, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Netherlands, Romania, Singapore

USA, Canada And UK Offer

Before calling the USA, Canada, and UK numbers, please dial 999 and call the international numbers at a fixed price of Rs 4.99 per 15 minutes. It is an unlimited offer and works every time when you dial 999 before the international number.

Offer Name:USA, Canada
and UK Offer
Price:Rs 4.99 per
15 Minutes
Dial:999 Before
Apna4G Tips

Get access to international numbers with Telenor prepaid SIM card. Now calling on worldwide numbers has become easy. Telenor has fixed calling rates. That’s why we recommend prepaid SIM cards to all dear subscribers. With prepaid SIM, stay in touch with your contacts.

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