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Telenor Weekly 6 to 6 Offer (Weekly OffPeak Offer)

The great success of Telenor On Day 6 to 6 Offer has insisted the network launch Telenor Weekly 6 to 6 Offer. Yes! This bundle is now available in daily & weekly versions. We had described Telenor Daily 6 to 6 Offer in our previous article and here is the complete description of Telenor Weekly 6 to 6 including price, code, and validity.

Telenor Weekly 4GB bundle is famous among SIM users due to its incredible 3G/4G supported speed. People love to activate this package because of its 4000 MBs in just 60 rupees. However, there are many small terms on which we have to focus.

Let’s start our today conversation with the latest “Telenor Weekly 6 to 6 Package”. Always remember that this is a promotion package that has been launched after the success of its previous (1-day) bundle.

Telenor Weekly 6 to 6 Offer

Activate Telenor Weekly 6 to 6 Offer (Weekly OffPeak Offer) and get 4GB (4000 MBs) for 7 days 6 AM to 6 PM for 60 rupees. Just dial *71# to activate the Weekly OffPeak offer.

Offer Details:

Offer Name:Weekly OffPeak
Validity:7 Days
6 AM to 6 PM
Price:PKR 60

3G/4G Supported

The user’s 4GB data will work on all 3G and 4G devices. Hence never miss a simple MB at a slow speed because Telenor cares about users’ feelings. We know how much important is internet speed for SIM users. That’s why Weekly 6 to 6 Offer provides the best ever internet speed experience to its users.

Validity (Day & Hours)

This bundle is valid for 7 days (1 week). In addition, the network has included hours settings according to which package subscribers will be able to use these MBs from 6 AM to 6 PM every day for the coming week. Get details about the Telenor One Day 6 to 6 Offer” from here.


This is the perfect data package to use plain internet & social media including (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok & Snack Video) for a whole week. For more details about this package please click here on this link that will automatically redirect you to the network’s official site.

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