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All Telenor 1 Hour Internet packages with their activation code and price are present here. Get full details about hourly net packages of Telenor 4G with the most authentic webpage of Apna4G.

Internet is the need of time. Hence, telecom networks have introduced 3G/4G. Now 5G is going to launch in Pakistan just to provide the best internet experience to mobile users.

Let’s take a look at the hourly and daily-based internet packages of Telenor. Moreover, these packages deduct charges according to MBs and other incentives that include in these bundles.

Telenor 1 Hour Internet Package

Basically, there are four packages that we have added to the list of “Telenor 1 Hour Internet Package”. Let’s take a look at the incentives, MBs, timing, and validity of these packages one by one.

  • Hourly Social Pack
  • 1 Hour YouTube Package
  • Hourly Off-Peak Package
  • Raat – Din Offer (Hourly)

Social Pack

Get 70 MBs hourly for one day for just 2.5 rupees. This “hourly social pack” is valid on a daily/hourly basis. Hence, it is the first bundle in the list of “Telenor 1 Hour Internet Package” to use Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media apps.

Offer Name:Social Pack
Price:Rs 2.5

YouTube Offer

The second bundle of the day is an hourly YouTube offer. This bundle provides 500 MBs to access YouTube for 8 rupees. The following offer validity o is till midnight after the subscription. Dial *60# to activate this package on your number.

Offer Name:Youtube Offer
Price:Rs 8

Off-Peak Package

In this bundle, you will receive plenty of MBs for specific hours only. Avail 1500 MBs from 6 AM to 6 PM for Rs 15. Dial *10# and activate this marvelous internet package on prepaid SIM.

Offer Name:Off-Peak Package
Price:Rs 15

Raat – Din Offer

Activate Raat – Din Offer by dialing *150# and enjoy 1.5 GB (1500 MBs) for 18 rupees. Moreover, this bundle is best to use Facebook, YouTube, Google, and the internet on 3G/4G devices.

Offer Name:Raat-Din Offer
Price:Rs 18
How To Check MBs?

All these offers & bundles only provide internet MBs. You can use them on social apps & on the internet. However, it is very important to provide you with a source through which you can check the MBs of these 4 bundles. Hence, simply download & install Telenor App and get details about the remaining MBs from the app front check meter. In addition, get details about Telenor 6 to 6 Offers from this link.

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