Ufone Call Divert & Call Forwarding Code 2024 | Sub & Unsub

Are you searching for Ufone Call Divert or Ufone Call Forwarding service? Get full info about this service including its price, activation; unsubscribe code, validity, and availability from this article.

Basically, both these services are the same having 2 different names that are famous among Ufone users. 1st of all, you must know about the features of Ufone Call Divert Service and how this service works?

Actually, Ufone Call Forwarding & Ufone Call Divert service is the same, and it is widely used by prepaid subscribers only. Suppose you are receiving calls from a known or unknown number, and you don’t want to receive them. In that case, you can put that Ufone number in the divert / Forwarding List and get rid of that caller permanently. How does this service work? All details are given below:

Ufone Call Divert Code

Activate Ufone Call Divert or Ufone Call Forwarding Service by dialing **004#Number# code. You just need to put the divert number (forwarding number which will receive a call) in the area between the #Number# section.

For Example: If you want to add a number (0331-1234567) in Ufone Call Divert or in Ufone Call Forwarding Service, then dial **004#03311234567# and done! Your selected number will receive your calls instead of the original number.

Ufone Divert/Forwarding Service Activation & Deactivation Code:

Service Name:Ufone Call
Divert Service
Ufone Divert Code:**004#Number#
Ufone Divert UNSUB:##004#

Note: This Forwarding Service will only activate on prepaid SIM cards.

How To Check Ufone Forwarding Service?

You can check the “Ufone Divert Service” by dialing the official **004#Number# code. This will cost Rs 0.10 paisa on each inquiry. You can also dial the Ufone helpline service and inquire about the “List of Numbers of has added in Forwarding” service.

Unsubscribe Ufone Call Forwarding?

Deactivation of any service is now possible with Ufone official app. You can also dial ##004# to Unsub Ufone Call Divert. Dial helpline 0331-1333100 and ask the agent to remove “Call Divert + Call Forwarding” from your number.

Use Call Divert (Forwarding) via Phone Settings

Yes! It is possible to add any number in the call forwarding (call divert) service through your mobile settings. Here you have to follow these steps for Ufone diversion:

  • Go to your android or iOS settings
  • Now visit android or iOS (phone settings)
  • Here you have to enter in “call settings” section
  • Find the “Call Divert or Call Forward” option in this portion
  • Activate this feature by adding any number in the given box
  • Save settings and restart your mobile to fully apply new settings

See: All Networks Call Divert

Through this trick, you can add any network number in call divert or in call forwarding service. It is also free of cost and doesn’t charge money while using divert service through the “mobile settings” trick.

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