Telenor Free Snapchat Offer Deactivate & Activation Code

Enjoy Telenor Free Snapchat for 30 days non-stop. Yes! Telenor is providing free Snapchat to use on 2G/3G/4G devices. Many people don’t even know about this app. I’ll try to give you a clear concept of this app on this page.

Do you have ever use Facebook or WhatsApp? Snapchat is a hybrid version of these two apps. You can start new audio, or video chat, send an SMS, or exchange images through this app. This application allows its users to share video clips like FB & WhatsApp.

That is the main reason we have to compare this app with FB & WhatsApp. To give you a chance for free usage of this wonderful app the 4G network Telenor is providing free Snapchat monthly. Get more details below:

Telenor Free Snapchat Offer

Simply dial *915# and receive 2000 MBs (2GB) of data to use Snapchat on Telenor for free. These free MBs will work on this network for 30 days. Hence this is a monthly free social bundle.

Offer Details:

Offer Name:Free Snapchat
Validity:30 Days
Sub Code:*915#
Check Code:*999#

Note: Prepaid users can avail of free Snapchat

Unlimited Chat With Snapchat

The basic feature of Snapchat is its latest version of chat which includes audio, video messages, emoji, and image sharing. Hence you can enjoy all these features for free if you have a Telenor SIM.

Share Stories & More

You can add a new story every day while using Snapchat. Sharing stories in this app is a vital role that plays by this app. Those who are on trips, at private parties, at weddings, and at any festival can share his/her life moments on social media. Get details about the Telenor 1-Hour Net package from here.

Be a Part of Snapchat

By using this app you can become a part of social media and social connectivity apps. Hence it creates and opens new sources of national and international connection on your mobile screen. For more details and the privacy policy please click here.

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