Ufone 2 Hour Internet Package 2022 | 2 Hour Net Offer

There are 5 packages that come on the list of Ufone 2 Hour Internet offers. Yes! Get unlimited MBs for 3G/4G Ufone SIM via new hourly buckets.

Getting internet for 2 hours on Ufone SIM has become possible because with the increase of these keyword searches on the internet Ufone has launched 5 different buckets.

All these 5 buckets provide internet for 2 hours, but here the main difference between all these offers is their timing. Yes! You can subscribe to these buckets according to their working hours. There are fixed hours timing for all these buckets are mentioned along with their price and code.

Ufone 2 Hour Internet Package

Let me give you a hint about these 2-hour data packages of Ufone 4G. Basically, all these packages are made for 2 hours of internet access. But each offer subscription can only be performed within a few valid hours.

Here the names of these 5 buckets are given below that provide internet on Ufone for 2 Hours at lowest rate:

  • Best Morning
  • Off-Peak Plus
  • Mega Internet
  • Light Internet
  • 2 Hour WhatsApp

Best Morning Bucket

Dial *4200# and activate Ufone 2 Hour Internet Package to get 2 GB in 6 rupees for the next 2 hours. Between 9 AM to 12 PM you can subscribe this 2-hour net package because this time is the Working hours of this bucket.


Offer Name:Best Morning
Timing:9 AM to 12 PM
Price:Rs 6

Off-Peak Plus Offer

Dial *10# and get 1.5GB of internet for the next 2 hours at a fixed price of Rs 12. This offer is subscribable from 6 AM to 6 PM. Hence between these hours, you can activate the 1500 MBs buckets in 12 rupees.


Offer Name:Off-Peak Plus
Timing:6 AM to 6 PM
Price:Rs 12

Mega Internet

Here we have a mega bucket having 2000 MBs (2GB) for Ufone prepaid users. This offer is present for Ufone users and can be activated only from 12 AM to 12 PM. The subscription code of Mega Internet 2 Hour bucket is *550# code. The official price of this package is 17 rupees.


Offer Name:Mega Internet
Data:2000 MBs
Timing:12 AM to 12 PM
Price:Rs 17

Ufone 2-Hour Internet For Social Apps

Here we have 2 packages that can only access social media apps. Yes! The Ufone also has 2 packages that provide social media MBs for the next 2 hours. These buckets are described below:

Light Internet

Here is the 1st social media package of Ufone that comes for 2 hours. Dial *2256# and get 1000 MBs (1GB) for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line, and YouTube. In addition, you will also get 40 MBs for internet browsing via this bucket.


Offer Name:Light Internet
Social Data:1000 MBs
Plain Data:40 MBs
Price:Rs 13

2 Hour WhatsApp

The last bucket of the day is the Ufone 2-Hour WhatsApp Package. Dial *987# and get 100 MBs for WhatsApp in 1.20 rupees.


Offer Name:2 Hour WhatsApp
WhatsApp Data:100 MBs
Price:Rs 1.20
Req Balance:Rs 2

Enjoy Net For 120 Minutes

2 hours becomes equal to 120 minutes. Hence these buckets make the user eligible to enjoy internet and social media MBs for 120 minutes. Yes! All types of SIM 2G/3G/4G or LTE users can activate these offers.

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Check The Remaining Data

You can check/inquire that how much data has been left in your 2-hour net package by using the My Ufone App. On the dashboard of this app, all incentives and their validity is mentioned for prepaid users’ service.

Terms & Conditions
  • These are prepaid offers
  • Add-On is possible is offers
  • All government taxes will apply
  • These packages will work for 2 hours

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