Ufone Collect Call Code 2024 | Sub & Unsubscribe

Ufone Collect Call enable you to generate free call request in which receiver will pay call dues. See Charges, subscribe and unsubscribe code of this service for details because all related details about this service is present below.

In case you don’t have balance or no credit available in your prepaid / postpaid Ufone SIM and you want to make call. This is only possible when you have Ufone Collect Call subscribed on your SIM.

Basically this service for emergency when the user needs to call someone but he/she don’t have balance. In such situation you call on the specific number and through collect call the receiver will pay your call charges.

Ufone Collect Call Code

Send SUB to 902 or dial 901 and press 1 to activate Ufone Collect Call Service. Now make call to Ufone prepaid or postpaid number through this service for free. Yes! Your call charges will be deducted from the receiver account* (if receivers accept your Collect Call request).

But when you send a request for a collect call, the receiver has to respond within a few seconds, otherwise your request will be rejected. Keeping in view this condition, the Ufone has designed FnF feature in this service.

Collect Call Subscription

There are numerous codes and SMS methods that can activate Ufone Collect Call Service on your prepaid / postpaid number. Here is the guide:

  • SMS SUB to 902
  • Dial *111# Code

Unsubscribe Code

You can deactivate / Unsubscribe Ufone Collect Call Service by sending SMS Unsub to 902 to get rid of this service. This SMS sent will not cost any fee.

  • SMS Unsub to 902

Service Charges

Collect Call service is available for both prepaid and postpaid users. In addition, there are numerous add-on features of this service which may increase the price of this service. However, these are the basic charges of Ufone Collect Call service.

  • For Prepaid Rs 0.92 per Day
  • For Postpaid Rs 0.77 per Day

FnF Feature

As it is mention in the first paragraph, you need to create a new FnF List of those friends and family members’ numbers in this service to start the collect call without any request acceptance condition. FnF feature access is possible by following the given steps:

  • Dial 901 code
  • Now press 1
  • Create a new FnF list
  • Add the numbers of your love ones
  • Done! You have successfully create FnF list

Now you will receive calls from these numbers without any permission acceptance if they try to make a Collect Call to your number. It is easy feature that show 100% result.

Blocking Feature

Ufone has also introduce few blocking features in Collect Call Service for those users who don’t want to receive such a call. This is very easy and for the activation of each blocking feature you have to send the blocking service (short name) to given code.

  • Send BR to 3212 ⇒ Block a specific number
  • Send UN to 3212 ⇒ Unblock a specific number
  • Send BR ALL to 3213 ⇒ Block all collect call requests
  • Send UN ALL to 3212 ⇒ Unblock all collect call requests
  • Send BR LIST to 3212 ⇒ To get the list of Barred numbers

Send any command to given number to get the specific result related with command you send. This feature don’t deduct any extra money.

See: Ufone Auto Balance Alert


Finally, you have got all details about Ufone Collect Call Service from here. However, in case of any confusion, you can contact us by leaving a comment below or visit official network portal. However, those users who want subscription or deactivation details about this service can read the instructions given above.