Ufone Hajj Data Roaming Offer 2024

Ufone Hajj Offer provides monthly 30 Outgoing & Incoming Minutes, 30 Outgoing SMS, and 300 MBs in 630 rupees. Dial *4880# and activate Hajj 1st bucket (low price) on your prepaid SIM.

It is the holy month of Dhul Hijjah when Muslims perform Hajj. That’s why; Ufone Hajj Offer has been launched by the top telecom network of Pakistan for all those subscribers who want to contact their loved ones who are performing hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Basically, there are 2 Hajj packages present here in Ufone Hajj Offer. 1st package cost Rs 630 and the 2nd package charges 2100 rupees. We have described both packages here on this page separately.

Ufone Hajj Offer

Dial *4880# to activate the 1st Ufone Hajj Offer for Rs 630. On the other hand, the 2nd Hajj Offer code is *4881# cost Rs 2100. Full details of both Hajj packages incentives are given here in 2 different tables.

Basically, the Ufone has divided the Hajj package into 2 packages. Both packages are different because their incentives are different from each other and their prices also vary. Hence, incentives, Price & Codes of Ufone Hajj Offer (1st & 2nd) are given below.

Rs 630 Hajj Package

1st Ufone Hajj Offer charges Rs 630, and it provides 30 Outgoing & Incoming Minutes, 30 Outgoing SMS, and 300 MBs for 1 month from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia and vice versa.

Offer Name:1st Ufone
Hajj Offer
Outgoing SMS:30
Outgoing &
Incoming Minutes:
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 630

Note: This offer works for a strong connection between Saudi Arabia pilgrims with his/her family in Pakistan.

Rs 1500 Hajj Package

2nd Ufone Hajj Offer is a huge bucket that provides 120 Outgoing & Incoming Minutes, 120 Outgoing SMS, and 1500 MBs in 2100 rupees. Dial *4881# to activate this 2nd (massive) Ufone Hajj Offer in 2024.

Offer Name:2nd Ufone
Hajj Offer
Outgoing SMS:120
Outgoing &
Incoming Minutes:
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 2100

Note: 1st & 2nd buckets have the same 30 days (1 month) validity.

Remain Connected in Saudi

Whether you are going to Saudi Arabia, through Ufone International Offer you can remain connected with your Pakistan family at an affordable price. However, the minutes can be used to call in Pakistan and incoming calls are valid for the whole world.

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Super Roaming Offer for Hajj & Umrah

People also know this offer by its original name “Super Roaming Offer for Hajj & Umrah” in Pakistan. Hence, you can activate this offer on both occasions of Hajj and on Umrah. This package gives you the opportunity to make calls at the international level, Send SMS and Use data to stay connected at affordable rates.

Check Hajj Minutes, SMS & MBs

Have you activated the International package on Ufone prepaid SIM? If Yes! Then you must have consumed a few incentives. Check how many minutes, SMS, and MBs are remaining in your Ufone International bucket by dialing *706# code.

30 & 120 Minutes (Details)

1st package only deducts Rs 630 and gives 30 minutes for 30 days. Moreover, the 2100 rupees package gives 120 minutes. Hence, the connectivity remains every day non-stop through Super Roaming Offer for Hajj & Umrah bucket.

300 and 1500 MBs

You can start the international connection between your SIM and your family members through Ufone 300 MBs via 1st Hajj & Umrah bucket and 2100 MBs via 2nd Hajj & Umrah bucket.

Terms & Conditions
  • These are Hajj & Umrah Offers
  • Only Ufone prepaid users can activate this
  • Both packages are valid for Pakistan to Saudi
  • Hajj bucket SMS is for the whole world (monthly)
  • Outgoing minutes work from Saudi to Pakistan & vice versa
  • You can subscribe to this offer multiple times to increase incentives

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