How to Check Ufone Postpaid Balance in 2024 (Update)

Check Ufone Postpaid Balance by dialing *129# code for free. It is a universal postpaid bill check code that works on Ufone Postpaid SIM Cards. Read this article and get the answer to each question that is still present in your mind.

Getting an Ufone postpaid SIM is always a comfort. It is due to postpaid continuous SMS, Calls, and Data connection. The users remain tension-free till the balance (bill) exceeds.

We have given here the possible methods through which you can inquire about Ufone Postpaid Bill & Postpaid Balance with code and other working methods.

Check Ufone Postpaid Balance

Get your postpaid SIM from the nearest Ufone franchise and activate it via an agent to get monthly permission for incentives usage. But remember that each incentive (MB, SMS, and Minutes) will pay its actual amount at the end of validity on monthly basis.

You can check how many incentives have you consumed and what bill will come this month for your postpaid SIM. Follow these steps:

  • Dial *129# from postpaid SIM
  • Now wait till the processing complete
  • You will get the following info from officials
Service Name:Postpaid Bill Inquiry

3 Basic Details

Dialing *129# from Ufone postpaid SIM and the network will show you 3 basic details about your postpaid SIM (packages usage & bill).

  • Bill Details
  • Incentives Usage
  • Next recharge value

My Ufone App Trick

It always remains easy to get all-in-one details about your SIM, its packages, and your (bill & balance) from the official SIM app. Your SIM type (prepaid & postpaid) doesn’t affect this feature because the network has designed this app in such a beautiful manner that everyone can get basic details about SIM from here.

  • Turn postpaid SIM data on
  • Now open the play store
  • Download & install Ufone App
  • Open it and check all details on it
  • It has Bill, Balance & incentives details
333 Inquiry Number

Dial 333 or 051-111-333-100 for Ufone postpaid call center connection. Now you can inquire from the agent about all those questions you want to get answered. This trick charges an official price, but it is the 100% authentic method.