Zong Sim Replacement Charges in Pakistan 2024

According to Zong officials, the user needs to pay Rs 100 Zong Sim Replacement Charges in Pakistan. Hence, visit Zong Franchise or nearest Customer Care Center and get same number in new SIM casing.

If your SIM card has become old, then it will not work properly. That’s why, Zong users want to replace their SIM with new one, but the number will remain same. For such users, Zong has introduce Sim Replacement service.

Basically, you need to visit the Zong Franchise or nearest Customer Care Center and ask the agent to replace a Zong SIM for you. The agent will get your fingerprints on Zong Fingerprint Database Machine and give you a new SIM.

Zong Sim Replacement Charges

There are different charges that are deducted by Zong according to service. You have to pay different price for New SIM, SIM Replacement, Biometric and other service.

Moreover, as you know, the Zong is also giving eSIM. Hence, you can get eSIM at affordable price. Here, the list of those services along with prices / charges are given below.

Getting a new SIM in Pakistan of same old number is not a big deal in Pakistan. If you have got the CNIC Card, then visit the franchise and see the magic. Only bring 100 rupees and get a new SIM from franchise.

New SIM Offer

Zong also provides free 4GB (2GB Data, 1GB Facebook and 1GB WhatsApp) along with 1000 Zong Minutes for 7 days by dialing *10# code. Enjoy free incentives non-stop weekly on prepaid Zong SIM.


Finally, we have mention all about SIM Replacement here on this page along with charges, method and steps. Enjoy Zong best services from thousands of franchises present in Pakistan.