Ufone Postpaid Packages 2024 | Code, Price & Details

There are 3 types of Ufone Postpaid packages. Yes! Prime Call & Prime Talk for calling, PrimePlay for internet, and Ufone Post Pay Prime are all-in-one packages for Ufone postpaid SIM users.

We have described all these packages here on this page for Ufone postpaid users. Hence, get your favorite postpaid internet (data), SMS (message), or Call (on-network + off-network) package from the given details.

Ufone Postpaid Packages

Ufone is the 1st network in Pakistan that has designed special internet packages, separate call packages and separate all-in-one (SMS, Call + Data) offers for its postpaid SIM users.

Hence, activate the package according to your need on Ufone postpaid SIM. If you want to activate just the internet package, then subscribe to any PrimePlay offers. On the other hand, those users who want to activate only the call package will have to activate Ufone Prime Call or Ufone Prime Talk bucket.

In the end, those postpaid users who want all incentives (SMS, Minutes & Data) on their prepaid SIM cards can activate any bucket from Ufone Post Pay Prime. All these buckets are described below:

  • Internet Packages (Prime Play)
  • Call Packages (Prime Call & Prime Talk)
  • All-in-One Offer (Ufone Post Pay Prime)

Let’s start our Ufone postpaid all packages description article and see each postpaid package one by one described below in 3 separate sections of net, call & hybrid offers.

Ufone Postpaid Internet Packages (PrimePlay)

For postpaid users, there are special internet packages by Ufone postpaid officials. These packages are known as “Ufone Prime Play or Ufone PrimePlay” and there are 4 such packages that exist.

  • PrimePlay 1000
  • PrimePlay 3000
  • 6000 PrimePlay
  • PrimePlay 10000

1st (PrimePlay 1000)

Get 1,536 MBs on Ufone postpaid SIM for Rs 120 only. Dial *323# and activate Ufone PrimePlay 1000 today.

Offer Name:PrimePlay 1000
Data:1,536 MBs
Price:Rs 120

2nd (PrimePlay 3000)

Get 4,096 MBs on postpaid SIM by dialing *434# code. You must have Rs 275 to activate this postpaid net offer.

Offer Name:PrimePlay 3000
Data:4,096 MBs
Price:Rs 275

3rd (PrimePlay 6000)

For 550 rupees, avail 8,192 MBs by dialing *656# code. This is the 3rd net package for Ufone postpaid SIM subscribers.

Offer Name:PrimePlay 6000
Data:8,192 MBs
Price:Rs 550

4th (PrimePlay 10000)

This is the last internet offer for postpaid users that gives 13,312 MBs for just Rs 825. Dial *989# from your postpaid SIM to get this offer.

Offer Name:PrimePlay 10000
Data:13,312 MBs
Price:Rs 825

Note: All these Ufone postpay offers are auto-recursive.

Ufone Postpaid Call Packages (PrimeCall & PrimeTalk)

PrimeCall: In Ufone, the postpaid SIM cards the PrimeCall offers are used to get On-Network (Ufone to Ufone) postpaid minutes.

PrimeCall 1500

Dial *2525# to get 1500 on-network (Ufone to Ufone) minutes in 225 rupees by activating Ufone PrimeCall 1500 package.

Offer Name:PrimeCall 1500
On-Net Minutes:1500
Price:Rs 225

PrimeCall Unlimited

Activate PrimeCall Unlimited offer to get unlimited on-net minutes by dialing *2500# code. The price of this offer is Rs 525.

Offer Name:PrimeCall Unlimited
On-Net Minutes:Unlimited
Price:Rs 525

PrimeTalk: Get minutes for all networks using Ufone postpaid SIM by activating Ufone PrimeTalk offers. Here, the details are given below.

  • PrimeTalk 250: Dial *4848# code & get 250 off-network minutes for 275 rupees.
  • PrimeTalk 500: Dial *5656# code & get 500 off-network minutes for 525 rupees.

Note: All these minutes are valid for Ufone & PTCL numbers.

Ufone Post Pay Prime (All-in-One Offer)

Finally, here we 3 Ufone Post Pay Prime offers to have all incentives (SMS, Minutes, MBs) in a single bucket. We can say that the following buckets are Ufone Postpaid Hybrid packages.

  • 750 Prime: Avail 2000 SMS, 7500 Same Network Minutes, 400 Off-Net, 10GB in Rs 1200
  • Prime 1200: 20GB internet, 7500 SMS, 750 Other Network Minutes & 7500 On-Net in Rs 2000
  • Prime 2000: Finally, get 7500 SMS, 7500 Ufone Minutes, 1200 Other Minutes, and 40GB in Rs 3000

SMS Package For Postpaid SIM

SMS ‘SUB’ to 610 to get 10,000 SMS for 150 rupees. It is a specially designed SMS (message package) for Ufone Postpaid users.

Offer Name:Postpaid SMS
Price:Rs 150
Code:SMS ‘SUB’
to 610

How To Check Postpaid Bill?

Dial *129# and get your Ufone postpaid SMS, Minutes, and Data package bill. You can also use Ufone official app to get info about your incentive usage and for Ufone Postpaid Bill Check & inquiries.