Ufone SMS Packages 2024 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly (Update)

SMS is a source to convey feelings to your lovers. That’s why, many people still activate Ufone SMS Packages on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Select any offer from the daily, weekly, or monthly Ufone SMS Packages list and activate it by dialing its sub-code and enjoy the message package on Ufone at a low rate. Complete Ufone SMS Packages List according to update 2024 is given here on this page. Hence, see the SMS packages, their prices, incentives, and validity through 1 page.

Do you want to activate the SMS package on Ufone and don’t know about any SMS package that suits your personality? If Yes! Then here we have given below a list that contains different SMS packages of Ufone having different validates. Ufone SMS Package Code List contains a total of 6 SMS packages. These packages are 100% original and cost a minimum price to provide a huge number of incentives to prepaid Ufone users.

Ufone SMS Packages

According to 2024, the Ufone SMS Package Code List has been updated and now there is a total of 6 SMS packages that provide Ufone to all other network-supported SMS at a low rate.

Remember, these SMS (Message) Packages are only valid to be activated on Ufone prepaid SIM cards. Hence, you must have Ufone prepaid SIM to successfully activate these buckets on your number.

List of Ufone SMS Packages:

  • Daily Message Package
  • Weekly Message Package
  • Fortnightly SMS Package
  • Monthly Message Package
  • 45 Days Message Package
  • Yearly Message Package

Let’s start with Ufone Message (SMS) packages description one by one. But before that, remember that you must have additional few rupees to activate any offer from this list because all type of government taxes applies to these offers.

Daily Message Package

Send SMS ‘Sub’ to 605 and activate the Ufone Daily SMS Package to get 1600 SMS for 24 hours (1 day) in Rs 4.77+tax only.

Offer Name:Daily SMS
Price:Rs 4.77
Validity:1 Day
Code:SMS ‘Sub’
to 605

Weekly Message Package

In Rs 11 .95+tax get 1250 SMS for 7 days. To activate the Ufone Weekly SMS Package, please send an SMS ‘Sub’ to 608 and activate it on your prepaid number.

Offer Name:Weekly SMS
Price:Rs 11 .95
Validity:7 Days
Code:SMS ‘Sub’
to 608

Note: You can only subscribe to this offer if your current bucket is the Ufone Uth package.

Fortnightly SMS Package

Get 10,500 SMS for 14 days via the Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package. Send SMS ‘Sub’ to 603 and activate this offer for Rs 39.33 + tax.

Offer Name:Fortnightly SMS
Price:Rs 39.33
Validity:14 Days
Code:SMS ‘Sub’
to 603

Monthly Message Package

It is an Unlimited Ufone Message Package that works for 30 days. Avail 21,000 SMS in Rs 95.6+tax rupees only. You can SMS ‘Sub’ to 607 to subscribe to this package.

Offer Name:Monthly SMS
Price:Rs 95.6
Validity:30 Days
Code:SMS ‘Sub’
to 607

45 Days Message Package

Ufone 45 Days SMS package is a prepaid offer that comes with 31,000 SMS. For activation, send an SMS ‘Sub’ to 614 and get this offer in Rs 118.31+tax.

Offer Name:45 Day SMS
Price:Rs 118.31
Validity:45 Days
Code:SMS ‘Sub’
to 614

Yearly Message Package

Finally, here we have a long-duration (yearly) SMS package for Ufone prepaid users. SMS ‘Sub’ to 601 and get unlimited SMS (message) for all networks in Rs 795.87+tax.

Offer Name:Yearly SMS
Price:Rs 795.87+tax
Validity:365 Days
Code:SMS ‘Sub’
to 601

Note: Unlimited SMS means you will receive 110,000 SMS for 365 days.

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SMS For On & Off-Net Numbers

Whether you are going to chat with an on-network (Ufone to Ufone) or off-network (Ufone to Jazz, Zong, Warid, SCOM & Telenor) these messages will help you 100% for sure. Hence, make you always connected with friends through Ufone low-price (cheap) SMS (message) buckets.

How To Check Remaining SMS?

How many messages have been consumed by you and how many SMS have been left in your package? This is the basic question that arises while using daily, weekly, monthly, or any other Ufone SMS package.

Check Remaining
SMS Code:
Check SMS &
Remaining Validity:
Send blank
SMS to 606

That’s why; here we have given the method to check the remaining SMS in Ufone prepaid SIM. Dial *706# and check the remaining SMS for free. Or send an empty (blank) SMS to 606 to inquire remaining SMS & their validity.

How To Unsubscribe Ufone SMS Offer?

You can deactivate any subscribed bucket from these 6 SMS offer via given codes & method 100% legally for free.

  • If you are subscribed to any SMS package in Ufone, just SMS “Unsub” to 506 & deactivate
  • The weekly SMS offer of Ufone can be deactivated by sending SMS ‘Unsub’ to 8066
Terms & Conditions
  • These are prepaid Ufone SMS Package Code List
  • GST, FED, and AIT (all government taxes) will apply
  • Ufone message package will expire at 12 AM night
  • Multiple subscriptions are allowed in message packages
  • For more details, please install the Ufone app or visit the official portal

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