Ufone Balance Check Code 2024 | How To Check Ufone Balance

Ufone Balance Check Code – Dial *124# to inquire Ufone balance for free. It is the inquiry code that checks how much balance is present in your Ufone prepaid SIM account.

In a SIM card, you must have digit currency to make calls, send SMS, or use the internet. This digital currency is known as “mobile SIM balance (load)” or recharge. Now the question arises, when the user loads or recharges his Ufone prepaid SIM, then how he can inquire about the current balance?

There are many methods and tricks to inquire/check about the Ufone prepaid SIM balance. But here we have described the code tricks 1st with its inquiry charges and other basic details.

Ufone Balance Check Code

Dial *124# to check the remaining balance on your Ufone prepaid SIM card. It is a working method that can inquire about the current balance of your SIM instantly.

However, it is on the network coverage, and how much time the string takes to load in your area. Normally this code loads in 2 seconds the current (remaining) balance of the SIM card to show for free.


Service Name:Balance Check
Ufone Balance Check Code:*124#
Price:Rs 0.15

Note: This code only works on prepaid Ufone SIM cards.

Other Method To Inquire About Balance

*124# Code is not only the only method that can inquire about the Ufone balance. Yes! There are other codes and methods that can help you to inquire about the current Ufone balance for free.

  • Check Using *336# Code
  • Inquire Through Ufone App

Let’s talk about these 2 different tricks and the price of each. Hence, after the description of these 2 methods and the 1st one is already described above, a total of 3 methods have been instructed for prepaid Ufone users.

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Balance Check Using *336# Code

Dial *336# code – it is a menu code that opens the list of different prepaid services for Ufone users. You just need to reply with the number where “Balance Check” is present and after loading the next screen will show you the current balance of your SIM.

Balance Inquire Through Ufone App

My Ufone App is a door where all Ufone prepaid and postpaid services open. Hence, it is an all-in-one service-providing app. Just download it and open it, on its front page you will see the current (present) balance of your Ufone SIM. It is very simple to operate a Ufone App and free to use.

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