Ufone Double Number Code 2024 (2 Numbers in 1 SIM)

Dial *66# or send an SMS “SUB” to 660 and activate Ufone Double Number Service. You will receive your 2nd (double number) through SMS.

Ufone has launched this service, especially for those users who don’t want to share their own personal numbers with strangers or with specific people. Hence, call those strangers and specific numbers with your second imaginary number that you got from the Ufone Double Number service.

This service will allow you two numbers. In these two numbers, the first one will be the subscribers’ own SIM card number, and the second will be an imaginary number. Hence, you will be the owner of two numbers while having only one SIM in your mobile slot. This service works like magic when an imaginary number makes a call.

Ufone Double Number

Dial *66# to activate Ufone Double Number service on your prepaid number. You can subscribe to this service by sending “SUB” to 660. Both of these methods will activate Ufone Double Number service on your number, and you will receive a confirmation SMS from the network.

Now get Ufone Double Number service and activate 2 numbers on 1 SIM simultaneously with affordable service charges for a lifetime.

Service Details & Codes:

Service Name:Double Number
Activation:Send SUB
to 660
Deactivate:Send UNSUB
to 660
Weekly Price:PKR 8
Monthly Price:PKR 32

Prepaid subscribers have to pay PKR 8 per week and PKR 32 for a month. Hence, you have to pay service charges if you activate 2 numbers on your 1 Ufone SIM.

How Double Numbers Work?

If you want to make a call or SMS through your new (double or 2nd) imaginary number. Simply dial 66 before the number of receivers. Hence, the receiver will receive an SMS or call from your double (new) number.

As it is described above, you have activated this service on your number. Then you will get your second number through SMS by Ufone on service activation. Now you have two numbers, and you want to make a call or want to send an SMS through a second number. Then simply dial 66 before that number to whom you want to send an SMS or you want to make a call.

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For example, if the user wants to call or SMS on 0332xxxxxxx number. Then simply dial 66 before that number. And make a call or send an SMS by the second number on 660332xxxxxxx with a fixed price.

Send an SMS or Make a Call

Subscribers can use a second number to call and SMS. The method has been mentioned above and charges are also present. But here the question arises that the second number call or SMS will charge a normal rate or more than the usual rate. Then remind it that the second number will charge additional charges on every call & SMS.

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