Jazz Double Number Code – Jazz Two Numbers On One Sim

Jazz Double Number Code – Get Two Numbers On One Sim with Jazz Double Up Number at an affordable price. Dial 4030 and press ‘1’ to get this service at a fixed price of Rs 1.89/Day. Prepaid users can subscribe to this offer whenever they want. Official charges & subscription method is present on this page.

We just want to clear the aim of this service. Basically, this service is designed for those people who want to activate 2 numbers in 1 SIM. Hence, you can activate 4 numbers in a dual SIM card mobile phone. We have to say that this service saves space of caring many mobiles to activate many SIM cards.

Getting a dual number on a single prepaid SIM is now possible. However, remember that its official fee and terms & conditions are essential to follow by the subscriber. Hence, we have mentioned each term with its possible description here on this page for you.

Jazz Double Number Service

Now you don’t have to carry multiple phones just to operate your business and private number non-stop. Mobilink Jazz has launched a new service which is a perfect solution to this problem.

Dial 4030 and press 1 to activate Jazz Two Numbers On One Sim – Jazz Double Number to set a second imaginary number on your prepaid SIM. We can simply say that it will give 2 faces to your one SIM.


Service Name:Double Number
Subscription Code:Dial 4030
& Press 1
Unsubscribe:Dial 4030
& Press 0
Subscription Fee:PKR 1.89/Day
SMS Charges:PKR 0.60
IVR Charges:PKR 0.60
Per Min
Prefix Call
PKR 0.72
Per 30 Sec
Prefix SMS
Free “0”

2nd Number Extra Charges (SMS & Call)

This service has made dual price rates for the original number and 2nd number of the SIM. Moreover, we have briefly described a new number call and SMS rates above in the table and in the description session.

How To Use Dual Numbers

It is very easy to make calls and to send SMS through the second number. Note: making calls and sending SMS through the second number will additionally cost (rates are mentioned above). Method to make a call & to send an SMS, present below step by step:

  • Dial 88 before the number on which you’re going to call or SMS.
  • For example, the receiver number is 030XXXXXXXX
  • Dial 88 before 030XXXXXXXX
  • It will look like 88030XXXXXXXX
  • Hence, you can call or SMS any number by dialing 88 before that SIM number.
  • If anyone makes calls on your 2nd number, they don’t need to add any number before your 2nd number.
  • Therefore, this is a perfect service as well as easy to use.

Dual Numbers Description

With this service, you can operate two numbers with one Jazz SIM. Just dial 4030 and press 1 to activate this service, which charges PKR 1.44/Day. Only prepaid customers can activate this service.

You can also unsubscribe from this service by dialing 4030 and pressing 0. However, after subscription, a random number will be issued by the network, and you can call, or SMS through that second new number. That will cost extra with PKR 0.60 Per SMS and PKR 0.60 per minute. Prefix Call Charges will apply with PKR 0.72 per 30 seconds.

Useful Service Benefits

As you know, the basic feature of this service is to provide numbers to one SIM. Therefore, those people who carry more than one SIM just for their specific lifestyle or for the source of income have appreciated the service very much.

Private & Social Usage

Now your private life has become more private with this offer as you can feel free and easy to give your number to strangers & publically. As you have another private number just available for specific people. Get details about Jazz Balance Share Code from here.

Act Like A SPY

Same as a spy now you can live your life having one SIM but two numbers. Hence, you can take advantage of this service positively make your life problems easy and get rid of those people whom you don’t like.


You can also turn this service off for some time as you wish in seconds without any charges and difficulty. Use IVR & SMS service to turn On/Off this service.

Dial 4030 and select 1 to log off this service. Whenever you want to re-login, just dial 4030 and dial 1 again. Hence, this service is in your hands, and you can turn it On or Off whenever you need it.

Block Strangers

You can easily block strangers on your 2nd number with Jazz blocking service. Just dial 5929, or you can also SMS “sub” to 5929 to activate the blocking service and block specific numbers.

To add new numbers to the block list you have to dial 5929 & 1, after that add all numbers which you don’t want to call on your 2nd number anymore. You can add unlimited numbers to the block list.

On the other hand, if you want to unblock a blocked number, simply dial 5929 & 2 then remove that number from your blocking number list.

Block Via SMS

Another SMS service to block or unblock specific contacts is available, with which you can add or remove numbers from the block list. Type block for blocking or unblock to unblock and send the SMS to the 5929 service number. Whenever block numbers will call on your number, they will get a notification that “Your number is switched off”.

For other trending services, visit our other pages linked below. You can also visit the original website of Jazz for complete details mentioned separately. Thanks for your dear visit.

Terms & Conditions
  • Always use PTA authorized SIM.
  • One SIM can get only one 2nd number.
  • Other Jazz features will not act on the double number.
  • The number will be selected randomly for subscribers.
  • Only prepaid customers are allotted to subscribe to the service.
  • The network will charge separately on both the original and 2nd numbers.
  • Moreover, all other Government taxes will apply.

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