Jazz Lite Package Price and Other Details 2024

Do you want to get a fixed calling rate for Jazz numbers for a lifetime? If Yes! Then activate Jazz Lite to get Rs 1.80 per 30Sec for 3 Jazz numbers. On the other hand, this package will completely change our SMS, Calls & MBs charges.

Daily we have to make certain calls or have to send SMS on many numbers, especially on friends and family members’ SIM cards. That’s why now activate a lifetime offer and add 3 numbers to its list to get a special discount.

The subscription of this package will remain for a lifetime and only un-subscription will possible through the Jazz helpline. However, it’s our 2nd topic but first, we will discuss its features and offer details.

Jazz Lite Offer

Dial *306# and activate Jazz Lite Offer for your whole life. Yes! There are no subscription charges of this offer, and it will provide you with a fixed rate. According to this fixed rate, you can send SMS for Rs 2.15 only. Same like this, the call rate that will apply on Jazz to Jazz numbers call is 1.80 rupees every 30 seconds.

For internet MBs, the rate is Rs 5 per MB. It means whenever the user will try to access the internet while having this offer, then the network will charge 5 rupees for each MB.

Offer Name:Jazz Lite
SMS Rate:Rs.2.15/SMS
Internet MBs Rate:Rs. 5/MB
Jazz Minutes Rate:Rs 1.80/30Sec
Other Minutes Rate:Rs 1.80/30Sec
FnF Call Rates:Rs 0.72/30Sec
FnF Numbers:3 Numbers

FnF Feature

It is true that SMS, MBs & Calling rates of Jazz Lite is the same as normal rates that implement while using the network. However, the basic feature of this offer is its “FnF Feature”. Yes! Just add 3 numbers to your FnF list, and you will receive a minimum calling and SMS rate for those 3 numbers.

Add those numbers in your FnF list that are frequently used by you. Once you add 3 numbers to the FnF list, you will be able to call on that numbers in Rs 0.72/30Sec. Hence, it is the minimum calling charge in Jazz 4G history. Here know how to get Jazz Two Numbers On One Sim for free.

FnF Modification

Now the question arises that how we can add 3 numbers to the FnF list. It is very simple, and you can perform this function with simple (keypad) as well as on touch screen mobile. Just dial *444# and click on the “My Account” function. Now you have to click on “FnF List” and simply add your numbers to it.

Terms & Conditions
  • Call setup charge 0.15 apply
  • This is a lifetime prepaid offer
  • This offer is perfect for FnF numbers
  • If you call on few numbers daily, then subscribe
  • Add that important numbers in your FnF list for free
  • Now start conversation in the fixed price of Rs 0.72/30Sec
  • This is a lifetime offer that will remain active in presence of other bundles
  • Get full details about this lifetime FnF (Jazz Lite) bucket from the official website

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