Change Zong Device Password 2023 | Full Guide

Change Zong Device Password – Using the IP Address & Rest Method you can change your Zong Device (Bolt) Password. Here is the full guide.

First of all, you should know about the type and model of the Zong device if you are using the device then you can practically access its physical parts which is the main part of our post.

If you have got the device in your hand then it will be easy for you to change the password in seconds. Here I will tell you how you can perform the alternation process:

Change Zong Device Password

A complete guide with step-by-step help is given below. You just have to follow the guidelines and make changes to the passcode of the device.

  • Turn on the “Zong Bolt” device.
  • Now connect it to your (Android/Laptop)
  • Type in the address bar.
  • It will open the device’s “Login Page”
  • Type “admin” as “User Name & Password”
  • Click on the “Login Button”
  • The device settings page will open.
  • Now click on “Settings”
  • In settings click on “WLAN”
  • Now click on “Basic Settings”
  • Here is the current “device name” & “Password”
  • Click on “SSID” to change “device name”.
  • Next click on “WPA Key” to change the “device password”
  • Click on “Save & Apply”
Change Zong Bolt Password Details

Congratulation! You have successfully changed the “user name & password” of your “Zong Bolt” device in seconds for free.

Rest & Get Old Pin (Trick#2)

For those “Zong Bolt” device users who had changed their device password and forget it again, we have the best solution. You can simply “reset your device” to set the device’s official password which is present below the battery of the device.

  • You can “Reset your password”
  • Eject the back cover of “Zong Bolt”
  • Now “Press & hold” the “Black Button”
  • After “10 seconds” the device will restart.
  • The device has been set to the password present “below the battery”
  • Now eject the battery can note your “default device password”.
  • Use this key to connect your devices with “Zong Bolt”.

Call On Zong Helpline

You can call on Zong’s official helpline number for more FaQs and queries. However, we have mentioned both possible tricks to “change the device password” or to “reset the default device password”. Stay up-to-date with the fastest 4G data of Zong 4G.

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Author Final Words

We have tried our best to choose easy wording and to guide the visitors in easy words so that they can change their device passwords on their own. However, if you still want to ask any questions then comment below, and I’ll reply to you through email as soon as possible.

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