Ufone YouTube Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly Offers 2024

Getting access to YouTube is very important for all prepaid users. Hence, Ufone provides special packages for YouTube only. That’s why; those users who want to play and want their favorite videos online on YouTube can activate the suitable bucket on a prepaid Ufone SIM.

These days, all the telecom networks of Pakistan are competing with each other to provide the best internet service to users at affordable prices. But in real means, the Ufone is the one network that is winning this competition.

When we see the internet and social media packages of Ufone along with their prices, we really get confused because the prices of the huge internet buckets are unbelievably cheap and affordable. That’s why we always recommend Ufone SIM to all our dear visitors. Let’s see the latest YouTube bundles that are making people fans.

Ufone YouTube Packages

Ufone YouTube Packages for daily, weekly, and monthly are present here with prices. At an affordable price, get maximum data for selected validity. Hence, if you are also a prepaid user, then take a look at these buckets because these offers provide a massive amount of internet data at a low rate.

Here we have described the package name with its data, price, and validity. But remember, these offers will only access the YouTube App:

  • Daily YouTube 1GB For 14 Rupees
  • Weekly YouTube 5GB For 120 Rupees
  • Monthly YouTube 18GB For 549 Rupees

Done! These are those 3 YouTube Offers that we are going to describe today on this page. Hence, select one package from these 3 different validates YouTube offers and enjoy the 1-day, 7-days, or 30-days by using the YouTube app on Ufone 3G/4G & LTE SIM.

Ufone YouTube Package (Daily)

Dial *2256# to activate the Ufone Daily YouTube Offer and get 1GB of data for 14 rupees. In addition, this offer also provides 40 MBs of plain internet data.

Offer Name:Daily YouTube
Data:1GB + 40MBs
Validity:1 Day
Price:Rs 14
Subscribe Code:*2256#

Weekly YouTube Bundle

It is a weekly 5GB YouTube offer of Ufone. Dial *5883# to activate the Ufone Weekly YouTube Internet Package and get 5000 MBs for 7 days at an affordable price of 120 rupees.

Offer Name:Weekly YouTube
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 120
Subscribe Code:*5883#

Monthly YouTube Bucket

Do you want to get 18GB of internet for 30 days? If yes, dial *290# and get 30,000 MBs for YouTube to use for 30 days for 549 rupees.

Offer Name:Monthly YouTube
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 549
Subscribe Code:*290#

Note: The half data 9GB works from 1 am to 9 am for 30 days.

Use All Features of YouTube

These 1-day, 7-days, and 30-day YouTube Ufone packages allow its subscribers to use all the features of the YouTube App. It means you can watch movies, listen to songs, see HD+ videos and enjoy the best streaming with affordable packages.

How To Activate YouTube Offers?

We have given the activation code for Ufone Daily, Weekly & Monthly YouTube Packages separately. However, if you want to activate any package through the official portal and then visit the Ufone site through the given links present along with each bucket above and enter your number in the package description portion to activate that offer on your number with the online feature.

Official Terms & Conditions
  • Dial *3# and activate any package
  • Check Remaining MBs using *706# Code
  • When MBs end network charges Rs 2.75 per MB
  • The given prices are inclusive of taxes (all taxes apply)
  • The taxes are GST, FED, and AIT that apply on Ufone offers
  • Only prepaid users can activate these YouTube internet offers
  • 3G/4G and LTE SIM users will only be able to consume the given MBs

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