Unlock Telenor SIM PUK Code in 2022 (Unlock Pin & Puk)

Unlock Telenor SIM PUK Code – It is very easy to unlock your blocked (PUK Code) Telenor prepaid & postpaid SIM. Yes! In 2022 you can easily get your Sim PUK Code and unlock it via a few easy steps.

Apna4G has mentioned all those valid methods and tricks through which you can unlock\unblock your Telenor 3G\4G Sim card from the PUK code. Before going to unlock your Sim 1st we must have initial info about this code and what it is for? Basically, this pin is known as Personal Unlocking Key.

Every telecom network (Jazz, Zong, Ufone & Telenor) sets a special 8 digits key for each Sim card while they’re manufacturing it. Hence every Sim has its own PUK Code that is the access point (security code) of your Sim. As you can’t access your phone without security (pattern & pin), same as you can’t access your Sim in case of the wrong pin is entered without the actual PUK Code.

Unlock Telenor SIM PUK Code

You can get the PUK Code of blocked Sim from any other Sim by using a code. Here is the method that is given here step by step (images) according to the correct pattern:

  • Open keypad in your mobile, type & dial *710# from any Telenor Sim
Unlock Telenor SIM PUK Code *710#
  • Now a menu with 10 different options appear, please reply with 1 (PUK & PIN)
PUK & PIn (reply 1)
  • A notification will tell you that your request is under process & you will be notified
Process SMS
  • In few seconds you will receive 8 digits PUK CODE via SMS from the Telenor officials
Unlock Telenor SIM PUK Code (SMS)
  • Now enter these 8 digits in your blocked SIM and click on “enter” button
  • After that you have to provide conformation code that is “0000”
  • At the end re-enter 0000 and done! Your SIM PUK Code is successfully Unlock\Unblock

Note: This method is free and the SMS code dialing *710# will not charge any service fee.

SMS PUK Unlock\Unblock Trick

1st trick is to dial a code and the second trick that works is to send an SMS and receive the specific SIM PUK Code in a few seconds. Here is what you have to do:

  • Use another Telenor Sim for SMS
  • Type “PUK 0345xxxxxxx”
  • In the number area type your “PUK Lock SIM Num”
  • Now send this SMS to 346 or 785
  • Further, Wait for 2 seconds for reply
  • The network will send you the PUK Code of blocked SIM
How To Send SMS

For example, my Telenor 0345000000 number is a PUK lock. Now I have to type the SMS in this pattern: PUK 0345000000 and send it to 346 or 785 for free. (In addition, remember that number that is given above is just to convey the concept and it is an imaginary number that does not belong to any person)

Use SIM Jacket To Unlock\Unblock

Do you know that every Sim Jacket that comes while purchasing a new Sim card has its PIN/PUK mentioned on it? Yes! Simply check your code from the SIM jacket and dial it to unlock your Sim. It is the 100% authentic and working method.

SIM Jacket Unlock Method

Visit Nearest Franchise

Telecom networks franchises are a great blessing for the 3G & 4G Sim users. Hence you can simply visit the nearest franchise of Telenor and ask the agent to unlock the PUK of your SIM. Next is the work of that agent. Thus, they have special codes that work and give 100% best result to unlock any Sim card in seconds. See More: Telenor 3 Day Internet Package

Final Words

That’s all, you can get help from these methods. Hence, those visitors who want to get the official company help can call on the helpline number 1700 or (042) 111 345 100 to get help 24/7 about any problem.

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