Which Operator in Bangladesh Banglalink, Grameenphone, Robi, TeleTalk (Series)

You don’t know your SIM Operator name? If Yes! Then it is possible to know “Which Operator in Bangladesh” through SIM serial / prefix. Yes! The government has assigned each mobile phone operator a separate and unique number series.

In Bangladesh, there are four Mobile Network Operators (telecom networks) that provides prepaid and postpaid SIM cards to their subscribers. In addition, each network is famous in different areas of Bangladesh according to signal strength, affordable packs and superb service.

Starting with a trunk prefix “0” the sim number of ordinary Bangladeshi SIM consist of “0 – Area/operator code (X) – subscriber number (N)” respectively. Hence, this pattern forms an 11 digit SIM Number of a single user. Now each user uses a different number, however the network may become the same of several users. That’s why, you need to know SIM Codes List to find Which Operator in Bangladesh. It will help you to know which network is in use by you and others (your friends) and family members.

Which Operator in Bangladesh

These prefixes are given by government to telecom networks, and they are obeyed to provide SIM cards starting with specific prefix. As a result, a common man can easily understand which operator number is being use by him and his contact list.

On this page we have collect details about Banglalink, Grameenphone, Robi (Airtel), TeleTalk and one extra operator which is known as ‘Citycell’ respectively. Hence, this article will provide you details about network codes list of top Bangladesh mobile operators. And we are going to end your confusion today for an entire life.

GrameenPhone SIM Codes

Firstly, here we have mentioned the SIM Codes List of GrameenPhone. It is currently the top telecom network of Bangladesh in terms of its affordable packages, coverage areas and better service. Hence, those users who have GrameenPhone Operator SIM must see the prefix of this network from below.

GrameenPhone SIM Codes start with ‘013’ and ‘017’

Operator Name:GrameenPhone
Serial / Prefix:013

Note: 013 and 017 is the prefix for Grameenphone in Bangladesh.

Banglalink SIM Codes

Do you have a Banglalink SIM? If yes! Then you should know what is the starting (prefix) of your SIM. Don’t worry, today I have mentioned here the prefixes of Banglalink network. Basically, 019 and 014 are prefixes of Banglalink network. Hence, if you receive a call from a number that start either with 019 or 014 then understand it is a phone number of Banglalink operator.

Banglalink SIM Codes start with ‘014’ and ‘019’

Operator Name:Banglalink
Serial / Prefix:014

Note: 014 and 019 is the prefix for Banglalink in Bangladesh.

Teletalk SIM Codes

015 is the SIM Network Code of Teletalk that comes before all prepaid and postpaid Teletalk numbers. If you receive a call from a number that stars from prefix 015 then Teletalk user is trying to call you. In addition, if your number starts with 015 then you are also a Teletalk SIM subscribers.

Teletalk SIM Codes start with ‘015’

Operator Name:Teletalk
Serial / Prefix:015

Note: 015 is the prefix for Teletalk in Bangladesh.

Robi (Airtel) SIM Codes

Why I have written two networks here in one category? Basically, In January 2016, both Robi and Airtel Bangladesh announced to merge. That’s why, these two networks are considered one in Bangladesh. However, the Robi networks offer 016 and 018 serials. But Airtel users can only get 016 serial SIM.

Robi SIM Codes start with ‘016’ and ‘018’

Airtel SIM Codes start with ‘016’

Operator Name:Robi
Serial / Prefix:016

Note: 016 and 018 are the prefix for Robi in Bangladesh. 016 is also a prefix for Airtel SIM.

Citycell SIM Codes

Many times people search “011 which operator in Bangladesh” on Google. Basically, the 011 was the prefix used by Citycell mobile operator company in early 2000 before it’s defunct (closure) on October 20, 2016.

Citycell SIM Code start with ‘011’

Operator Name:Citycell
Serial / Prefix:011

Note: 011 was the prefix for Citycell in Bangladesh.

Unused Prefixes

Finally, 011, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019 are used series by Banglalink, Grameenphone, Robi, TeleTalk, Airtel and Citycell. On the other hand, ‘010’ and ‘012’ series are unused in Bangladesh telecom industry.

Final Words

We have already mention complete details about number series of all telecom networks of Pakistan. However, if still you don’t get your answer or facing any confusion and want to know about some other prefix (series) then feel free to comment below. We will reply according to series you type in comment section. Moreover, get more details about Bangladeshi telecom networks packages and offers from Apna4G.

011 Which Operator in Bangladesh?

011 is the general access code of Citycell.

013 Which Operator in Bangladesh?

013 is the general access code of GrameenPhone.

014 Which Operator in Bangladesh?

014 is the general access code of Banglalink.

015 Which Operator in Bangladesh?

015 is the general access code of Teletalk.

016 Which Operator in Bangladesh?

016 is the general access code of Robi.

017 Which Operator in Bangladesh?

017 is the general access code of GrameenPhone.

018 Which Operator in Bangladesh?

018 is the general access code of Robi.

019 Which Operator in Bangladesh?

019 is the general access code of Banglalink.

010 Which Operator in Bangladesh?

010 series is unused in Bangladesh telecom industry.

012 Which Operator in Bangladesh?

012 series is unused in Bangladesh telecom industry.