Zong 100 Load Tax 2024 – What is Tax Rate on Zong?

People ask about Zong 100 Load Tax 2024 every day. A complete list of full taxes and the final balance is given here on this page. Get full info about ZONG recharge tax from this Apna4G article.

It is a common fact that you must have to pay tax while the SIM balance is recharge. But the question arises, “what is the actual” percentage of tax that is implement by the network? You must have aware of this fact if you have a Zong 2G/3G/4G SIM card.

You definitely must have read “advance income tax” or (AIT) while reading the different articles on Zong internet, SMS, or call packages. We bet you must have read AIT, GST, or FED. Or the same names in the “tax field” present at the bottom, details in (the terms & conditions area) of each bucket.

Zong 100 Load Tax 2024

PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority) will receive tax according to government assistance on each recharge from Zong prepaid users. That’s why we advise our dear visitors to load more balance because officials don’t add a full load whenever you recharge.

The following list contains Zong Load (recharge) tax details:

  • 15% Advance Income Tax deducts on prepaid number balance (load)

Note: All other taxes (GST, FED) belong to the usage of incentives. But load (recharge) tax is AIT (Advance Income Tax) is fixed at 15% according to Zong’s official site. Hence, Zong will only deduct 15% tax on your recharge and the remaining balance will automatically come to your account.

AIT (15%) Apply on Zong

It is a noticeable fact that Zong has clearly mentioned that officials will deduct 2 types of taxes on incentive’s usage. On the other hand, Zong applies 15% AIT (Advance Income Tax) on each recharge. Hence, recharge tax is different from other taxes.

AIT (Advance Income Tax)15% apply every time you recharge

Hence, it is prove that 15% of your load (recharge) amount will definitely deduct by officials. The remaining balance will automatically add to your account.

List Of Recharge With Tax in Zong

This is a complete list mentioned here that tells about the tax rate that applies to the different amounts of recharge. This amount is fix. But sometimes it changes due to the deduction of (the advance balance) that was taken by the user.

Load (Recharge) Amount with Tax List

Recharge (Price)Deduct (Tax 15%)Final Balance
Rs 50Rs 8.5Rs 42.5
Rs 100Rs 15Rs 85
Rs 200Rs 30Rs 170
Rs 300Rs 45Rs 255
Rs 400Rs 60Rs 340
Rs 500Rs 75Rs 425
Save Zong Balance From Tax

It is natural that you must have to pay AIT (Advance Income Tax) while recharging in Zong and after that, your balance will be present in your account. But remember that it is very unsafe to keep balance in the account without any “lock”. Because it may cause “balance/load loss” in ZONG SIM.

That’s why we recommend our dear visitors to “save your balance in Zong” via the given method and avoid “balance loss” in the future to save your money. Here, the balance save procedure is present below:

To save the balance in Zong and always enjoy the non-stop service of Zong to get access to internet, calls, and text messaging on Pakistan 1st 4G network Zong.

Author Recommendation

It is 100% authentic and clear that ZONG only deducts 15% on each recharge. Hence, the actual amounts are present above. Next time, remain tension-free and recharge 15% more to subscribe to any internet or call package.

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