Zong 1GB Free Internet Code 2022 | How to Get 1GB Free on Zong

Here we have given many codes & tricks to avail Zong 1GB Free Internet for daily, weekly or monthly validity in Rs 0. Let’s take a look at each trick separately and how the user can get free internet in Zong 4G.

In Pakistan, the top telecom network in terms of internet speed is Zong 4G. Due to international net technology and wide broadcasting (signals) of Zong 4G you can get internet connection even in the tribal & rural areas of Pakistan.

That’s why we always prefer Zong SIM to those users who remain in the search of free internet bundles. Without any further delay let’s start our article and get details about the free net bundle via 2022 authentic tricks & codes.

Zong 1GB Free Internet Code

This is an official scheme according to it the network will provide free 1GB (1000 MBs) to all those numbers that dial *6565# code.

Here is how this code works given here with pictures and step by step description:

  • Dial *6565# from Zong prepaid SIM
dial the code
  • Now a 5 options menu will open. You just have to type 5 in the box and send the reply “Free 1GB @ Rs 0.00”
reply with 5
  • Officials will confirm about “Free 1 GB Data for 30 Days” and you have to reply with “1” to subscribe
click sub
  • The next button will show a notification, “You have sent the command successfully, and please check your message later” respectively. Just click on “OK” and wait for a few seconds.
click ok
  • Now you will receive a confirmation SMS. Hence open your inbox and the 1GB of free data is successfully added to your account. Enjoy 3G/4G internet via 1000 MBs!
Zong 1GB Free Internet (conform)

2nd Free Data Code

Dial *10# and get free internet up to 1000 MBs in Zong SIM. This is a valid trick that has been launched for those users who need free MBs in case of an emergency. Here what do you have to do?

  • Dial *10# from Zong prepaid SIM
  • As a result, you will receive a confirmation SMS
  • Congratulations! You have got 1000 free MBs on Zong

Get 1GB via Zong App

Do you know the official ZONG App gives free MBs on its 1st-time download & activation? Moreover, if you don’t avail of this trick then follow these steps that are given below & get 1000 free MBs on Zong today.

  • Download & install “My Zong App”
  • Now open it and register your number
  • Hence on 1st installation, you will receive free MBs
  • These MBs will work on all apps & internet (3G & 4G)
Zong 1GB Free Internet (SMS)

Enjoy Zong Free 3G/4G

This data is 3G and 4G valid and it will support (social media apps + flat internet) in Pakistan. In addition, there are also many other tricks that provide free data in Zong. We will provide those ticks in other articles. However, you can get more info about related Zong 4G packages & free tricks from here.

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When you buy a new SIM in ZONG then you get free MBs. Hence this is also a major source of free internet while using Zong SIM. In case of any queries, you can comment to us below.

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