Zong Monthly Call Package Daily 100 Minutes Code

Get Daily 100 Minutes on Zong prepaid SIM without Call Setup Fee through Mahana Voice Offer. Full details and the price of this package are presented below.

Here you just need to load (recharge) your prepaid Zong SIM with Rs 200 to load and dial *36# to activate this bucket. This bucket provides 3000 total minutes for 30 days. Each day, you will get 100 On-Network (Zong to Zong) free minutes.

By activating this package, you confirm this agreement that you will pay Rs 200 to the company and the network will give you 100 Zong to Zong calling minutes every day. This package expires after 30 days. When the bucket is subscribe at the same time.

Zong Monthly Call Package Daily 100 Minutes

Zong Mahana Voice Offer is the voice bucket that provides Zong Daily 100 Minutes for 30 days. Dial *36# and activate this monthly package to get 100 minutes daily continuously for 30 days.

Basic Details:

Offer Name:Mahana Voice
Daily Minutes:100
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 200
Subscribe Code:*36#

Zong Free Calling Minutes

It is mention in the “Mahana Voice” Offer that the following minutes are free. Because the bucket provides 3000 total minutes. Those minutes are divide into 30 parts according to the days of the month. Hence, the free months will connect you with Zong prepaid users every day without any call setup fee.

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How Does The Subscription Work?

Subscription to Zong Daily 100 Minutes is possible by dialing *36# code or inserting the Zong prepaid number here in the official link of the “Zong Mahana Voice” portal and clicking on “SUB” to activate it online.

activate (sub) online

Enter your Zong number and click sub to activate the Zong Daily 100 Minutes Package for 30 days at 200 rupees.

Affordable Monthly Call Package

It is an affordable monthly call package that provides maximum minutes every day. You can call on Zong numbers every day and this calling process will remain to continue for 30 days till this package expires. Hence, remain connected with friends at a 200 rupees package.

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