Zong Free Facebook Code 2023 – 14 Days Free FB

Like other telecom networks, Zong has launched Zong Free Facebook Code. Use 14 days of free Facebook on Zong 4G with an easy and 100% working trick. Here is what you have to do:

Zong 4G basically start a new partnership with social media tycoon Facebook. It means with those users who have Zong SIM can use FB for free. Here some special requirements have been set by Zong to get free MBs.

The introduction of Zong 4G and Facebook is not new for all of you. You know that this network always tries to provide maximum tricks and working methods to use free internet and social media. This time they have added something special to this free trick. Zong provides unlimited FB MBs for 14 days for special 4G users.

Zong Free Facebook Code

Make a new account on Facebook by using Zong 4G SIM card and avail free 14 days of Facebook. Yes! Just make a new Facebook account for free with Zong SIM and get unlimited MBs for Facebook for the next 2 weeks.

Free FB:

Offer Name:Free Facebook
Validity:14 Days

Prepaid SIM users can sign up and get 2 weeks of unlimited Facebook with Zong. These unlimited MBs will work on both 2G/3G devices. In addition, you can use Free Facebook 24/7 for 14 days non-stop without any time pause.

Sign-Up For Free MBs

We have completely described this trick. However, the step-by-step method to gain 2 weeks of free FB MBs is given below. Here is what you have to do:

  • Turn mobile data “on”
  • Use Zong 4G SIM in slot 1
  • Now open the Facebook app
  • Sign up & create a new account
  • Congratulation! You have got free MBs
  • These unlimited free FB MBs will work for 14 days
  • This is the best trick to get 14 days of free FB data on Zong

1400 MBs Facebook

The next trick is to get 1400 MBs of free internet MBs to use this app. Basically, you just have to register your number on the official app of SIM. Once you got the index you will receive free MBs as a registration gift.

Zong Free Facebook Code | Registration

Follow these steps according to the given order:

  • Download the “Zong App”
  • Install it on your device
  • Open it & provide your number
  • Fill the required fields correctly
  • Congratulations! You have received 1400 MBs
  • Use Facebook with these MBs for 7 days

FB Free Mode

The next trick to using unlimited free Facebook on Zong 4G is its “Free Mode”. Yes! Whenever you open the Facebook app by using Zong SIM a pink “Free Mode Button” starts appearing on the top bar of the app’s front page. This button actually appears when a user doesn’t have enough balance to use Facebook.

Free Facebook Mode

You can click on that “Free Mode” button and your FB will start working for free. Zong limits the features of the FB app. Still, you will be able to post on Facebook. You will be allowed to see 50% of content on Facebook with the Free Mode button. This is also a big “Free Facebook Trick” for Zong users.

Free Messenger

Sending and receiving SMS on Facebook was never free but now the time has changed. Zong users can chat with their friends for free using “Facebook Messenger”. Yes! FB Messenger works with zero balance. Turn on your mobile data from Zong SIM and use “Free FB Messenger” without having any balance in your account.

Zong Free Facebook Code | Free Messenger

Final Words

These are the 100% working tricks that allow a simple 3G/4G SIM user to get free Facebook MBs. However, always remember that the network can change its policy, or MBs may increase or decrease from the described amount. But these are 100% working tricks and it is confirmed by the network officials. Get details about the “Zong Instagram Free Package” from this given link.

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