Zong IMO Package 2023 | Monthly IMO Offer Zong

Press *466# and activate Zong IMO Offer – Zong IMO Package (Monthly) to get 2.5GB (2500 MBs) for IMO for 80 rupees. The price, Code & Details of this offer is present below. Video calling has become easier and more affordable with Zong IMO Pkg Code. Dial *466# and activate the 2.5 GB Monthly IMO Package in PKR 80 (load).

IMO is the fastest and easiest way to connect people from one corner of the world to another in seconds. That’s why Zong 4G focus on this app and launched an all-new bundle for this specific application. Now you can enjoy unlimited video calls on IMO from all around the world in seconds. You just have to pay PKR 80 at the time of bundle activation and you will receive 2.5GB for one month.

IMO is a need for time because we have to stay connected with our friends and love ones. That’s why to stay connected with any human whether he is sitting in another city or in another country you can connect to him in seconds. just download and install the app and enjoy monthly video calls in PKR 80 with Zong 4G.

Zong IMO Package (Monthly)

Dial *466# and subscribe to the Zong Monthly IMO Offer with which you will receive 2500 MBPS for (IMO App) for 30 days. This bundle is perfect for all of those users who want to stay connected with family members & friends from one place to another in video chat.

For complete information about this bundle please take a look at the following details box:

Offer Name:Monthly IMO
Data:2.5 GB
Price:Rs 80
Validity:30 Days
Check CHARGES:10 Paisa

IMO Monthly Package Code

Dial *466# or you can download “My Zong App” from the play store to activate any bundle of your choice. It is very easy to activate this bundle with the same method. Here another benefit of this official Zong app is this you can easily check the status of your bundle and also activate different bundles, know their price, and also complete info with one authorized app.

IMO App (Basic Info)

IMO is a free app that allows its users to send or receive free audio + video messages. With the help of this app, you can video call your friend for free.

Video CallAudio Call
Video SharingImages Sharing
Video DownloadingImages Downloading
Text ChatVoice Chat
Text EmojiImages Emoji

Another mysterious feature is its low MBs consuming ability which makes it special.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Subscriptions code is *466#
  • Mbps Check code is *102#
  • This offer is auto-recursive.
  • Always use PTA authorized SIM card.
  • This bundle charges PKR 50 (Including Tax).
  • All types of Government & Service Taxes will apply.
  • Click here for more ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION & FaQs.
  • This Offer is available for Zong (Prepaid, Postpaid, Internet SIM & MBB) users.

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