Zong Online Recharge – How to Recharge Online in Zong

Zong Online Recharge has made it possible to send (recharge or load) your prepaid number via credit or debit card online in 5 steps. Yes! Apna4G has described all those easy steps with an official link included to guide all Zong users that how can they recharge their number via the internet.

Many people ask their friends to recharge their number. But now you can also ask your family members or friends who are living abroad to load your number.

This has become possible via online debit/credit & easy paisa recharge method. This method is possible via visiting the official page of “Zong Recharge Balance” whose link is also given below.

Zong Online Recharge Guide

Do you know that you don’t need to share your number with the public for number recharge? Yes! It has become possible via a new method that is trending these days.

In this method, you just type your number, select the recharge amount, provide the payment method and click on “done” for success. Hence this is the easiest online method to recharge the Zong number.

Steps To Load Online

Follow these steps and recharge your prepaid Zong number online via a few easy steps. All the steps have also been shown here with images to guide you properly:

  • Click here on this image and open the official page of ZONG portal for “Online Recharge”
Zong Online Recharge info
  • Now type (enter) your number is the 1st box to ensure the number on which you want to recharge
Zong Online Recharge num
  • Select the balance amount you want to send among following: Rs 100, 200, 500, 800, 1000 & 2000 (or you can also type the individual amount according to your need from 50 to 2000 in the given box)
insert amount
  • Select a “Payment Method” from Easy Paisa, Debit or Credit Card (enter the card or account number)
select option
  • Hence Resolve the Captcha code and click on “GO” button to send the load.
click go

That’s it, now after providing a few legal steps you will automatically load the given number the specific (recharge amount). This method doesn’t deduct additional charges however the official 15% AIT (Advance Income Tax) applies on each recharge according to PTA.

OPT (Pin) Info

Remember that you can only receive online recharge when you enter the (OPT). You will receive an OPT Code on the number registered for your card or an easy paisa account. In addition, when you enter the OPT pin you receive on the 2nd page your load is automatically added to your account.

Twice per Day

Moreover, the question arises “How many times in a day you can recharge via online trick? Remember that officials have set the limit to recharge 1 number (twice) 2 times a day. Hence daily you can recharge 2 times via the official online recharge method.

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Terms & Conditions
  • Use any card for load
  • Load limit is 50 to 20,000
  • You can load twice in a day
  • Online recharge is for prepaid
  • No additional charges will apply
  • AIT – advance income tax (15%) apply

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