Ufone Blaze Reactivation Offer | Mega Discount Upto Rs 500

Ufone Blaze Reactivation Offer is for those users who don’t have used Ufone Blaze device for last 60 days (2 months). Yes! Reactivate your device and get Mega Discount of 500 Rupees on all bundles.

Like all telecom networks, the Ufone has launched its internet device that is named as Ufone Blaze Device. It is a 4G device that works according to new technology and gives super 4G speed in urban and rural areas of Pakistan.

All of us know that “reactivation offer” is only for those users who don’t have use the device service for at least few months. Hence, the Blaze device has also introduce Ufone Blaze Reactivation Offer. And we have describe it below with activation code and other basic details.

Ufone Blaze Reactivation Offer

Dial *3045# from registered Blaze number and reply with 1 (Subscribe MBB Bundle) and after that reply with 4 (Blaze Reactivation Offer) and select 1 pack from different offers.

On the subscription of any package you will get 500 rupees discount. This is the benefit of Ufone Blaze Reactivation Offer, and it is available for all those users. Who don’t have use their device for last 60 days or above?

How To Activate Ufone Blaze Reactivation Offer?

  • Turn On your blaze device
  • Dial *3045# from blaze number
  • Now reply with 1 to Subscribe MBB Bundle
  • Now reply with 4 to Blaze Reactivation Offer
  • Activate any pack from 120GB, 200GB and 300GB
  • Get Rs 500 discount activation via Blaze Reactivation Offer

That’s it, Ufone Reactivation Offer is a source to get new packs activated on your 4G Device Registered SIM to avail 500 rupees discount. Here is the original price of all blaze packages, along with their new (sale rate) price.

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Latest Price Of Blaze Packs

Here we have deduct 500 rupees from all Ufone Blaze Packages. Hence, after the Mega Discount Up to Rs 500 that applies after Reactivation of Blaze device, the new price will be this:

  • 120GB for Rs 1999 (-500) ⇒ Rs 1499
  • 200GB for Rs 2499 (-500) ⇒ Rs 1999
  • 300GB for Rs 2999 (-500) ⇒ Rs 2499

Hence, get 500 rupees discount on each bundle when you become eligible to get this wonderful offer This offer is available for all blaze customers who don’t have use their net device for last 60 days ⇒ 2 Months. Get further details from official Ufone portal for FAQs.