Jazz 2 Rupee 50 Minutes Package Code

Dial *916# and activate Jazz 2 Rupee Daily Call Package and receive 50 (on-network) Jazz to Jazz Minutes for Rs 2. Yes! This is the cheapest call package of Jazz 4G ever launched in the history of telecom.

Getting connections between friends and family members has become easier due to the new Jazz 4G call bundle. This call package is designed for those SIM users who want to get calling minutes daily at an affordable price.

With the amalgamation of Jazz & Warid, all other telecom network users have transferred their network to either Jazz or Warid. This is because the call between these two networks has become according to (on-network) protocol.

Jazz 2 Rupee Package

Dial *916# and subscribe 1-day call package on Jazz Warid SIM. This package will add 50 (Jazz & Warid) minutes that will work for 24 hours after subscription. The official price to activate this bundle is 2 rupees.

Get complete info about this bundle with its codes, price, and incentive details from here. Also, remember that the following bundle works in selected (major) cities of Pakistan.

Offer Name:Jazz 2 Rupee
Price:Rs 2

Check 50 Minutes

Now the question arises that how will the subscribers of this bundle will check the remaining minutes in this package. Basically, you just have to dial *2# after the subscription code of this bundle. In additionally you can download and install Jazz World App to check the remaining minutes of the “2 rupees” bundle.


2 rupee bundle of Jazz 4G is auto-recursive or we can say that it automatically re-subscribes on the user number after expiry. Hence it is very important to unsubscribe from this package by dialing *918*4# if you are not using it. Jazz 1 Rupee Package is given here.

Terms & Conditions
  • It is a prepaid offer
  • This bundle provide 50 minutes
  • 50 minutes works 24 hours after activation
  • Subscription charges is 2 rupee including taxes
  • Get more details about this daily bundle from here

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