Ufone Blaze Packages (4G Internet) 2024 With Price

There are 6 Ufone Blaze Packages having 120GB, 200GB, 300GB, 360GB, 900GB, and 1800GB for 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and 12 Months (Yearly) in Rs 2499, Rs 2749, Rs 2999, Rs 6000, Rs 13000, Rs 24000 respectively. Hence, we have provided the basic details about packages including their price, code, and subscription details here.

Do you want to buy Ufone Blaze 4G device? If yes! Then you must have little knowledge about its monthly packages. Basically, the Ufone has launched 6 packages at the initial stage of this Wi-Fi device.

We have described all these 6 buckets in a row with simple activation details and at the end of this article, we have described the method via which you can get access to buy the 4G Wi-Fi device from the Ufone official franchise.

Ufone Blaze Packages

There are 6 packages that come on the list of Ufone Blaze 4G WiFi devices. These packages are available for 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and 12 Months and their activation is very easy. Hence, those users who want to use the internet anywhere, anytime without any limit can buy this device and actives 1 bucket among these 6 offers.

List of 6 packages of Blaze 4G Wi-Fi:

  • 1st Package 120GB
  • 2nd Package 200GB
  • 3rd Package 300GB
  • 4th Package 360GB
  • 5th Package 900GB
  • 6th Package 1800GB

All these packages have a fixed division method according to which the user can use 50% data anytime and the remaining 50% of data will only work from 1 AM to 1 PM hours.

Ufone Blaze Package (120GB)

Dial *7073# for the 120GB package at the subscription rate of Rs 2499 only. Hence, recharge your Ufone Blaze MSISDN with 2499 rupees and activate the monthly 120GB (60GB from 1 AM to 1 PM) today.

Validity:30 Days
Half 60GB Time:1 AM to 1 PM
Price:2499 Rupees
Activation Code:*7073#

Blaze Monthly Package 200GB

200GB Blaze device package cost, 2749 rupees. It is only possible to activate when you have enough balance in the device’s MSISDN. Here, 50% of data work every day from 1 AM to 1 PM hours. For monthly package activation, please follow this string *7074# from the Master Number.

Validity:30 Days
Half 100GB Time:1 AM to 1 PM
Price:2749 Rupees
Activation Code:*7074#

Monthly Blaze Package 300GB

Massive data 300GB is also available for the Blaze device. This 3G and 4G device use 50% of data from 300GB every time and half data work from 1 AM to 1 PM only. The original price of this bundle is 2999 rupees. Please dial *7075# and activate the 300GB package on Blaze 4G via the MSISDN (Master Number) of the device.

Validity:30 Days
Half 150GB Time:1 AM to 1 PM
Price:2999 Rupees
Activation Code:*7075#

Blaze 3 Months Bundle

This is a new Blaze Internet Package that is valid for 3 Months. Yes! Get total 360GB in which each month user will receive 120GB including 60GB from 1 AM to 1 PM. The original price of this bundle is 6000 rupees. Please dial *7076# and activate the 360GB package on Blaze 4G via the MSISDN (Master Number) of the device.

Validity:3 Months
Half 180GB Time:1 AM to 1 PM
Price:6000 Rupees
Activation Code:*7076#

Blaze 6 Months Bundle

Now all the blaze device users can get internet for 6 months via new Ufone Blaze 6 Months Bundle. For 6 months this device gives 900GB internet. In my view this internet is enough for browsing, socializing, downloading and uploading. Hence, for six months, user will receive 150GB each month continuously. Here half data 450GB from 900GB usage time is 1 Am to 1 Pm. Dial *7077# to activate this 6 months blaze package in 13,000 rupees.

Validity:6 Months
Half 450GB Time:1 AM to 1 PM
Price:13,000 Rupees
Activation Code:*7077#

12 Months Bundle

After the most demand of Ufone Blaze Device users, the officials have launched a yearly (12 Months) internet package. This package gives, 1800GB in Rs 24,000 for 12 Months (1 Year). Dial *7078# to activate this 1 Year Ufone Blaze Package.

Validity:12 Months
Half 900GB Time:1 AM to 1 PM
Price:24,000 Rupees
Activation Code:*7078#

How to Check Blaze MBs?

It’s time to check the remaining MBs of your blaze 4G device. It is very simple because the user can use the MSISDN (Master Number) of Blaze and inquire how many MBs are remaining in 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and 12 Months (Yearly) internet package. Dial *3045# via the registered Ufone Master Number and inquire about the remaining MBs of the Ufone Blaze 4G Wi-Fi device.

Operation Name:Blaze Inquiry
MBs Check Code:*3045#
Enjoy 3G & 4G MBs

When you buy the Blaze Ufone Wi-Fi device and activate any monthly bucket on it, then remain tension-free. Whether you live in any part of Pakistan, this device will work. Many times, users had complained about the old 3G and 4G devices that signal that Wi-Fi internet devices remain down.

Remember that in the case of this Blaze device the Ufone has added both 3G and 4G service to catch the signal (3G or 4G) in both situations of city use or in village use of this device. Hence, use it wherever you want to access the internet in Pakistan.

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Buy a new Blaze 4G device online from here and start using the internet today without any further detail. The internet of the Ufone Blaze device will provide you with a better internet experience than you had ever got on any other network device.

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